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Could defining jobs differently potentially take a big bite out of unemployment? The answer to that may actually lie in the crowd. Continue reading

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Infographic - Innovation Rankings - USA and the Rest of the World

Innovation is said to be a key driver of economic growth and prosperity. Vaccinations and sanitation throughout the world have saved millions of lives in the last century. Inventions and technology have fostered increases in industry and productivity that have changed the face of our cities and infrastructures. But what makes a one country more favorable than another? Continue reading

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What do Fedex, the Pope and the Fosbury Flop have in Common? The answer is not just that they’re all iconic disruptors in their own right.  The answer may well go deeper and address our collective yearnings for positive disruption, what it takes to productively embrace, and make disruptive innovation happen , without decimating or getting decimated by it. Innovation Excellence is pleased to announced our newest exclusive online content series:
DISRUPTING Disruptive Innovation:  Lessons from the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards starting Thursday January 29 at 1 p.m. eastern.
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The Sharp Edge of Innovation

Running out of Blades…What do you think this means for Gillette in the long run? Have they given up on creating the next big thing in shaving? Are they at a dead end? Or are they simply evolving as a company? Continue reading

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PwC Report on Breakthrough Innovation and Growth

Paul Hobcraft responds to the 2013 16th Annual PwC survey, and offers insights and takeaways. Continue reading

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How Social Networks Drive Innovation

In each generation we seem to face almost insurmountable hurdles, but we emerge living longer, richer, healthier lives. The answer, obviously, is that we are able to create solutions faster, through technology and innovation, than problems emerge. The story of how we do that is probably not what you’d think, but it’s inspiring nonetheless. Continue reading

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Is iPhone 5S the Fingerprint of MCommerce Success?

Today as part of the new iPhone 5S Apple has finally integrated Authentec’s biometric technology into their flagship mobile phone that they purchased last year. Why is this tiny little sensor such a potential sea change for the mobile industry? Let’s look at all of the ways that this technology addition makes the iPhone more valuable than other phones. Continue reading

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