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Infographic - The Workplace of the Future

If asked to envision an office of the future, some people might channel space-age options like “The Jetsons,” including robots and moving walkways. But when we really think about how offices have progressed over the past century, what’s changed the most? Workspaces, communication and technology. Let’s take a look at how these three integral parts of the office will evolve in the not-so-distant future. Continue reading

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When Daniel Pink visited EMC’s Leadership meeting in early January of 2014, he focused quite heavily on employee autonomy. In the long term, he reasoned, granting autonomy will increase employee productivity. Continue reading

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How Technology Is Changing the Skills We Need to Learn

I think the question itself is misplaced. Clearly, we use technology to do things for us that we no longer are doing for ourselves and that means certain abilities degenerate. Yet, it also means that we are freeing up cognitive energy for other things. So what’s really important is not the skills we are losing but those that we need to develop. Continue reading

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Why does a company employing 92,000 people and spending $1.3bn on R&D need to go outside for more innovation? The reason is one of the classic foundations of Open Innovation. Continue reading

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Recently, I visited the MIT Media Lab for a new form of “meet the students” called What’s Next. I was on a panel with Ideo, Amazon, Comcast, and Intuit (all of us are sponsors of the Media Lab). Each of us had to describe “the things we make” to the students. Continue reading

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Machines are beginning to take over cognitive tasks and now algorithms are even doing the work of highly skilled professionals like doctors, lawyers and creative people. If you want to avoid being replaced by a robot these days, you better learn the right kind of skills. Continue reading

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Why SIRI And Not Watson?

Our first impression, of course, is that SIRI is much more suitable as an app. Turns out SIRI continually learns.. And at first glance, Watson seems extremely complex and complicated. We all remember Watson at the famous jeopardy TV game…we were all blown away. Imagine the possibilities that Watson can offer.. Continue reading

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