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Slowly investors are realizing this is an artificial distinction between Return on Investment (ROI) vs. Return on Impact (ROIm). No matter what your business, if it’s not having an impact on the customer in a way that delights the customer, you won’t need to worry for long – thank you Darwinism. Continue reading

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Today’s Snapshot considers breakthroughs in Nuclear Fusion energy, Graphene’s amazing new conductivity and programmes to grow biofuels in the desert. Continue reading

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paramount pictures - Noah

Peter Doyle ponders an apocalyptic vision of the future, Russell Crowe, the survivalist marketplace, and climate change. Continue reading

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Journal of Responsible Innovation, First Issue Review

In this post Jonny Hankins guides the Innovation Excellence community through the first issue of the Journal for Responsible Innovation. Continue reading

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Relationship Builiding: I will NEVER waste your time

Geoff Nesnow shares food for thought, aka a ‘brilliant approach’ to making and building great relationships. Continue reading

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Innovative Food Networks: Italy

A Review of Christina Grasseni’s new book and account of the inner workings of Italy’s solidarity purchase groups.The model is extremely innovative, both in terms of its social effect and financial implications. Continue reading

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Constraints Spur Innovation Breakthroughs

In the rapid solutions process, constraints are an advantage. Taken in combination with a well-designed and managed process, businesses and nonprofits can put themselves on a creative “hook” that means they can’t help but innovate. Continue reading

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