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When starting a new innovation initiative, understanding which innovation and engagement metrics are important can help you define your organization’s current innovation capacity. Jacqueline Zhou examines her experiences working with clients, and the eight most important metrics to measure your innovation capacity on a monthly basis. Continue reading

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The late 70′s must have been a crazy time. Beyond just Jobs and Woz and Gates and Allen, there was Osborne and Bricklin and Peddle and Bushnell. They must have known they were at a tipping point but just couldn’t quite sense the enormity of change that was about to take place. What emerged of course was the era of personal computing. Continue reading

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Unless you’re Apple, you’ve just released the 6th generation of iPhone and the masses see that as the latest most innovative product on earth (yeah, Apple can still make believe), consumers don’t care about incremental updates to your “new” product. Continue reading

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Matthew Griffin sits down with the CTO of one of Europe’s largest utilities to understand what advice he’d give a Twentieth Century organisation trying to inject Twenty First Century DNA into their organisation. Continue reading

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Though competition is an unavoidable aspect of business, its effects can potentially foster or deter innovation depending on a leader’s management style. Celebrating success and discouraging failure is a familiar binary for most, but what would happen if a business decides to reverse that paradigm? What if we celebrated failure, and discouraged dwelling on our successes? Continue reading

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We often hear about the importance of failure when driving new ideas or new businesses. But do high failure rates and the negative impact to employees suggest it’s better to just outsource innovation work to external teams? Learn more in this blog post. Continue reading

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Brand Strategy

Thanks to the influx of new competition, the growth of technology, the rise of social media and the constant use of multiple screens, brands are facing new challenges. In today’s new world, brands must rethink their brand strategy to succeed. Continue reading

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