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Between the Gates, Vol. 4: Beta Test Basics

What value can beta testing provide in a company’s new product development process? How should test programs be designed and managed to maximize strategic business value? How far along should a beta product be before being sent to customers? Continue reading

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What do Mao Zedong, Huawei and WeChat have in common? Their expansion – encirclement – strategy.
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jpg SDM Master 001 (3)

I would like to describe a model for developing an effective strategic planning process. Most organizations do a poor job at planning and even poorer at execution. One of the major reasons that most strategic development plans fail is that most strategy models are one or two dimensional. SWOTs, Boston Consulting Matrix and the famous 7S model are all deficient in that they… Continue reading

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What’s Your Innovation Intention?

If you want to run a brainstorming session to generate a long list of ideas, I’m out. Brainstorming takes the edge off, rounds off the interesting corners and rubs off any texture. If you want me to go away for a while and come back with an idea that can dismantle our business model, I’m in. Continue reading

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Strategy or Innovation: What Comes First?

While working and researching on how to better train and educate executives on innovation, I got into an interesting discussion with a corporate innovation leader on the role of strategy in the context of innovation. Continue reading

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How 3-D Printing Will Change Education

Also known as rapid prototyping, 3-D printing is a technology that allows users to create three-dimensional physical products from a digital file. Educational institutions are still in the early stages of adopting this groundbreaking new technology, but a few early pioneers have shown us just how feasible–and useful–it can become. Continue reading

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Modern Mass Customization – Rule 5: Brace for Change

A successful shift to mass customization requires a holistic strategy with a far-reaching impact across the enterprise, a sound vision for organizational adjustments to the company, and skillful change leadership. Manufacturers should expect more than technology changes when transitioning to a mass-customization model. The organizational impacts of this transition are far reaching, and typically require role changes in… Continue reading

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