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The concept of mimicry is not a foreign one — we see this in nature all the time. With similar colours and patterns, predators who avoid the monarch also avoid the viceroy because they cannot tell the difference between them, even though the viceroy is not toxic. Continue reading

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Product lifecycle management (PLM) deployments are never straightforward. Without thoughtful planning and a systematic approach, deployments end up with numerous problems that erode the potential business value of the system. Continue reading

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Business model innovation (BMI) is becoming ever more important as it turns out increasingly difficult for companies to differentiate based on products and services alone. Continue reading

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Within each organization is innovation capacity. While not every organization may currently recognize it within themselves, each and every one has the potential to be innovative. But what does it take to be able to successfully integrate innovation into an organization? Continue reading

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Companies with innovation engines that outperform their competitors understand that meaningful solutions develop horizontally across vertical reporting structures and require a cross-functional mindset. For a Chief Innovation Officer, developing this mindset requires the establishment of horizontal reporting, rewards and incentives. Continue reading

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Consumer products like Fitbit, Nike Fuel Band, and have their own microcosm versions of the dashboards seen in business. Before they made their way into the household user’s hands, tracing the history of digital dashboards will lead you to the business world. Continue reading

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fish crowd matketing

Content marketing is a king today, but there is one more “beast” that becomes more and more popular among online marketers, because it brings terrific results.Its name is crowd marketing. Crowd marketing is hard to call innovation (you’ve definitely heard of such a phenomenon as crowd sourcing), but it’s innovation by all means. Continue reading

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