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Facebook, a Golden Retriever and Maui Jim

At Innovation Excellence, we love ‘teaching stories’. Thanks Small Army for this one! Continue reading

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Applying Jobs-to-be-Done to Product and Service Design

Say you’re designing something new for a product or service. Of course, you have your own ideas for what to do. But, how informed are you really about what is needed? Continue reading

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 Service Levels and Innovation

For this post I’d like to highlight that innovation in high-tech is also driven by the service level needs of applications (the X-axis). Continue reading

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Use the "Surprise Factor" for Viral Innovation

Infuse the unexpected into everything you do for customers — and deliver a continuous stream of positive surprises. Continue reading

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Failure Forums: The Challenges of being a Corporate Innovator

The Failure Forums is a new monthly series by IX Contributor Matt Hunt focused on bringing the role of innovation failure to the forefront. This series will intentionally bypass the innovation success stories to focus on the lessons learned from failures. Continue reading

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For Small Business, Innovation Comes from Within

Small business owners tell themselves that they could never be a Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg; they tell themselves that they aren’t geniuses or inventors. They convince themselves that innovation is simply out of their reach. Thankfully, they’re wrong. Continue reading

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The Anticafé – From Russia with Nove(lty)

In the heart of Paris, between Les Halles, Chatelet and Beaubourg Centre & Modern Art Museum, the Anticafé has recently opened. Given the number of cafés and restaurants around, some of them much better located to catch the eye of the many tourists, one may wonder about the viability of the project. Continue reading

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