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Alex Chenevier probes a simplification of organisational complexities as an extension of the Clayton Christensen principles. Chenevier submits that established organisations (corporates) are – perhaps for the first time – in a position to consider absorbing the concept of disruptive innovation on a scientific basis, with application in a systemic way. Continue reading

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Tesla is Smarter Than Other Auto Companies

“Car dealers are idiots” said my friend as she sat down for a cocktail. It was evening, and this Vice President of a large health care equipment company was meeting me to brainstorm some business ideas. Continue reading

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Today’s Snapshot considers breakthroughs in Nuclear Fusion energy, Graphene’s amazing new conductivity and programmes to grow biofuels in the desert. Continue reading

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Top 10 Innovations of 2013

2013 Innovation Awards: We recognise the breakthroughs which had the biggest impact of the year Continue reading

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A look at Dr Andrew Maynard’s thoughts on societal insurance. If you don’t know Maynard’s work — here’s a worthy introduction! Continue reading

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