Top 20 2013 Trends that will Reboot your Organization, People & Strategy

Trend Hunter's look at the top 2013 trends is upon us. As you watch Jeremy Gutsche's top 20 rundown of people, places and things trending, from Vending 3.0 to Manufactured Addicition and Deals, here are some questions to think about. How will these shifts, or combinations of, reboot your industry, organization, corporation, consumers, customers, clients, employees, suppliers, partners, c-suite, board of directors, advisors and M&A targets. Get ready for a wild ride–2013 is here–enjoy!

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Lessons from an Innovation Rescue

Early retail acceptance can make or break many new products. When your latest innovation doesn’t hit the sales rate the retailer expects your product may be discontinued, resulting in a downward sales spiral. Here are some of the lessons learned from entrepreneurs who had to react quickly when CVS dropped their At Heart® emergency aspirin product.

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