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State of Innovation Management - Hype

In a just released “The State of Innovation Management in 2015” that I have authored and kindly provided by HYPE for free, I believe you will find something of interest that you might have missed during a busy year, that is coming to a close. Continue reading

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Help to Change Change

My first book Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire was designed to help organizations identify and remove barriers to innovation, but it also ended up being a great primer on how to take a structured, sustainable approach to innovation, and as a result has founds its way into libraries and university courses around the world. For an encore… Continue reading

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Download Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2013 to your iPad

Sorry it took a few weeks to get this pulled together for you, but we are now happy to give your the Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2013 in a PDF format for printing or download to your iPad, Kindle, Nook, PC, Mac, etc. Continue reading

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Big Data in Education: Big Potential or Big Mistake?

When learners interact with content, they leave behind ‘digital breadcrumbs,’ so to speak, which offer clues about the learning process. We’re now able to collect and track this data through learning management systems (LMSs), social networks, and other media that measure how students interpret, consider, and arrive at conclusions about course material. Continue reading

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Companies Connect Same Dots in Different Ways

One thing that I find fascinating about the innovation space is that when it comes to innovation is the outcomes of competition within an industry. I talk alot about it being about collecting and connecting the dots, and in any industry any company looking to survive and thrive, must continuously innovate and that means continuously collecting and connecting dots. Continue reading

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Download Innovation Excellence Weekly magazine v37

We know some IX community members want to get great innovation content, but don’t come to the site every day. So to help them make sure they didn’t miss the best innovation articles of the week, we have launched Innovation Excellence Weekly – the magazine – so that you can download the ten best articles of the week to your: Nook from Barnes & Noble, Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, Samsung GalaxyTab, other trusty tablet, laptop, or desktop computer (PC or Mac). Think of it as Innovation Excellence to go. Continue reading

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Some of the Most Exciting Tech Companies You've Never Heard Of

One of the most interesting aspects of digital technology is its ability to disrupt. These days, scale is no match for innovation and speed. Nevertheless, the new technologies that we usually hear about are from giants like Apple and Amazon, Facebook and Google, Microsoft, IBM and the like. On any given day, it always seems that one of those companies steals the headlines. That’s a shame, because some of the most interesting companies are ones that rarely get much attention. Continue reading

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