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The global entertainment industry takes many forms but whether its aim is to delight, distract, inform or terrify there’s always a back story, a location and a cast and its value chain will always be heavily reliant on Curation, Distribution and Consumption Continue reading

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Leaders Should Advocate Fast Feedback Over Failing Fast

In a “Fast Feedback” culture, conversations don’t stop with the decision of what to try, but rather push further to a discussion of how to learn from what was done and how to do so quickly. Continue reading

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The Eight Change Mindsets

If your organization is seeking to create a continuous change capability, it must have a strong focus on increasing its organizational agility. As you use the Change Planning Toolkit™ to kick off your next project or your next change initiative, keep thinking about what the minimum viable progress (MVP) might be in order to maintain momentum. This is very similar to the idea of a minimum viable product, a key lean startup concept popularized by Eric Ries, author of the bestselling book, The Lean Startup. Continue reading

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Business Anthropology

Traditional market research and connection tools only take insight so far. To build a real bridge for innovation and new product efforts, new applications and approaches were needed to supplement the old mix. Continue reading

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4 Steps to Generate More Creative Ideas, and Better Ones - Innovation Excellence

Follow these simple steps, and you will increase the quantity and quality of your ideas. Continue reading

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To Make A Difference - Add Energy

If you want to make a difference, you’ve got to add energy. And the more you can add the bigger difference you can make. Continue reading

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I used to fight the idea that more creative people go to startups. I didn’t see any reason why people would choose startup over mature companies (or vice versa) based on their own level of creativity. Continue reading

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