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Our everyday decisions, and those of our colleagues, our consumers, and our families are constantly influenced by hundreds of cognitive biases. Pete Foley shares in no particular order, 20 that are related to innovation, the innovation process, and innovation research. Continue reading

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“Entrepreneurs are using a new ‘Technocratic Democracy’ to create multi-billion dollar organisations faster than ever before; and legacy multi-nationals are finding themselves having to transform and rebuild their businesses in ‘mid flight’ in order to compete.” Continue reading

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Here is an interesting infographic I found on the Neuroscience of Storytelling… Continue reading

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Innovation Psychology – 6 Big Innovation Opportunities from Life Changes

Big life changes like going to college, starting a new job, or starting a family define our lives. Because they disrupt our everyday behavior and habits, they also offer some unique opportunities for innovation. In this blog I’ll suggest six ways to leverage these pivotal moments. Continue reading

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Axis of Vulnerability

Last week I was in Tampa with a group of colleagues. We meet every five months or so to help each other with our business strategies, all solopreneurs like myself with advanced practices. Almost as soon as we gathered we created a visual that we called the Axis of Vulnerability to describe our work at its best. It resides at the intersection of four attributes: Continue reading

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People-Centric Marketing

We live in an increasingly complex world where both the volume of change and the pace of change are accelerating. But it is not just change that is accelerating, choice is proliferating as well. Witness the example of General Mills’ Cheerios. Introduced in 1941, there are now 13 varieties of Cheerios on the market, not including snack mixes introduced in 2008. Continue reading

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Where Original Ideas Come From

Revolutions are seldom solo efforts.  Isaac Newton was the greatest scientist of his age and not one known for his false modesty, but even he had to admit, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Continue reading

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