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Innovation like a Pilgrim

Scott Bowden investigates and shares how the Pilgrims voage to America yields lessons for the modern-day innovation practitioner. Continue reading

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When it comes to big breakthrough ideas, Hitendra Patel doesn’t believe in that one “Eureka” moment. He thinks that all of us have the potential to create new, great ideas and the capacity to make it reality one day. So if everyone has the potential to have great ideas, why aren’t we all becoming genius inventors? Continue reading

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These historical stories can provide innovators with clever approaches to overcoming the challenges they face today in trying to come up with new and interesting solutions to the process and technology problems. Continue reading

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Scott Bowden takes us to the house ‘that no one wants to approach while trick or treating’. Continue reading

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Is Disruption is Good or Bad? Why We Need to Stop Arguing! - innovation excellence

The idea of disruption excites some people and terrifies others. Consider the recent case of The New Republic, in which a new, disruptive CEO came in and vowed to “break shit.” The company’s top journalists balked, the brand was sullied and the business still struggles. And all for what? Continue reading

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Is innovation efficiency killing off some of our biggest ideas? Can increasing autonomy, more aggressively challenging our ideas, creating conditions that create serendipity, or simply being more thoughtful about what we call disruptive or breakthrough help bring bigger ideas back? Continue reading

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Top Innovation Thinkers – Time to Cast Your Vote!

Every two years, Thinkers50 produces the world’s most prestigious ranking of management thinkers. And 8 thinkers are honored with Distinguished Achievement Awards. Congratulations to co-founders Rowan Gibson and Braden Kelley for being nominated for the 2015 Thinker50 awards. Here’s how to cast your vote! Continue reading

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