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It takes more than just an Innovation focus to succeed. Ad Age reports on Walmart’s on sustainable innovation. Continue reading

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Recently, I visited the MIT Media Lab for a new form of “meet the students” called What’s Next. I was on a panel with Ideo, Amazon, Comcast, and Intuit (all of us are sponsors of the Media Lab). Each of us had to describe “the things we make” to the students. Continue reading

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Innovation or Not? - Vector Scissors

I came across these attractive and thoughtfully designed Vector Scissors in a post by Innovation Excellence contributor Matthew E May that promise to in addition to the normal day to day jobs that scissors execute, to also be able to cut perfectly straight lines. Interesting invention, sure, clever design, sure, but are they an innovation? Continue reading

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What can the rest of us hope to learn from some of the most innovative minds in our country today? It turns out quite a bit. Continue reading

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The truth is that disruption has little to do with individuals, but is primarily a function of networks and, if we are to deal with disruption, it is the unseen connections we need to understand. Continue reading

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Finding the Best Ideas

Three big reasons why establishing an innovative community within your organisation will help you find the best ideas. Continue reading

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Innovation or Not? - Healthy Chocolate

I came across the inspiration for the latest in the “Innovation or Not?” series through a London Business School announcement of their upcoming TELL Series speakers, and noticing that Nancy Cruickshank, co-Founder of MyShowcase would be speaking on May 21, 2014. Clicking over to the web site, I noticed that one of the highlighted products was Ohso Probiotic Chocolate which Andrew Marten brands as a healthy chocolate. Continue reading

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