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Product Managers and Innovators - Intellectual Property Issues

Innovators and product managers need to know the basics of what IP is and when it should be considered in the development lifecycle. Thankfully, the basics are easily understood when explained by an expert teacher, and I found just such a person to talk with, patent attorney Dan Brean Continue reading

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Product Managers - Learn to Change the Innovation Culture

Chad McAllister explores the connection between storytelling and innovation culture in an interivew/podcast. Continue reading

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Is innovation efficiency killing off some of our biggest ideas? Can increasing autonomy, more aggressively challenging our ideas, creating conditions that create serendipity, or simply being more thoughtful about what we call disruptive or breakthrough help bring bigger ideas back? Continue reading

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Innovation Games for Product Managers and Innovators

Games can also be applied to innovation, which is the topic of the book “Innovation Games: Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play.” The book was published in 2006 and the games have had a significant impact on numerous companies, non-profits, and government organizations since then. I caught up with the author, Luke Hohmann, to learn more. Continue reading

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Crossing the Chasm

Product managers of software products have several potential tools to consider and some vital ones that must be in their toolbox. These include knowledge of product management processes, skills leading teams, creating product roadmaps, managing portfolios, applying Lean Startup, performing Customer Discovery, managing development with SCRUM, and much more. It becomes overwhelming but… Continue reading

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The Mid Zone

The Front End / Back End model was right for its time… however, fast-forward nearly a quarter century, and we find that things have changed a bit. Continue reading

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AIPMM-Professional Association for Innovators & Product Managers

The Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) provides value to product manager, marketing managers, and innovators. To learn more about the association, I interviewed the president, Therese Padilla. Continue reading

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