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Powerful Stimulus Contributes to 12 X More Ideas - Innovation Excellence

Richard Haasnoot presents another in a series of articles about how you can consistently generate at least 12 X more ideas than brainstorming Continue reading

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Innovation: A Journey of Discovery

Innovation gets defined so many ways that it can be confusing. While there is a repeatable framework for creating new value, the iterative nature of front end discovery work can perplex those who believe that work should be linear. Continue reading

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Around 4% of innovation initiatives achieve their internally defined success criteria. Even worse, only 12% of research and development projects even return their capital cost! Continue reading

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Eight I's of Infinite Innovation

Some authors talk about successful innovation being the sum of idea plus execution, others talk about the importance of insight and its role in driving the creation of ideas that will be meaningful to customers, and even fewer about the role of inspiration in uncovering potential insight. But innovation is all about value and each of the definitions, frameworks, and models out there and only tell part of the story of successful innovation. Continue reading

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Shifting to Ultimate Outcomes - innovation excellence

We need to all get paid or rewarded far more on the value of the result from successful ultimate outcomes, judged by focusing only on the successful result of delivering to that real customer need. Continue reading

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Practice your presentation and deliver it with confidence and enthusiasm. Get your message across. You will enjoy it. More importantly, so will your audience. Continue reading

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Lou- circos-e-dots-1k[3]

Two weeks ago I joined several hundred others at the Sheraton Times Square Hotel for this year’s edition of the Chief Innovation Officer Summit, New York.

The agenda showcased a host of diverse and compelling speakers including, among many other notables, GE’s Chief Scientist, NASA’s Chief Knowledge Officer, WalmartLabs Innovation Lead, Gap’s Dean of Innovation, and Samsung’s Chief Innovation Officer. As you’d expect, several powerful threads and themes emerged across the two days… Continue reading

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