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Looking to analogous fields – other industries who have solved similar challenges – is commonplace in R&D departments. However, it’s often overlooked by other functions (e.g. marketing, procurement, HR) seeking to innovate, especially on small non-technical challenges; even though it’s equally applicable and quick and simple to do. Continue reading

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Essentials of Innovation, Innovation Structured Repeatable Process Continue reading

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Collective agility seems to require loose coupling, not heavy structures or rules, encouraging a culture of improvisation and constant ‘tinkering’ that comes from not just intelligence, trust and pragmatism but by the knowledge that lies within the community. Continue reading

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Change the World - Step One

Do you want to change the world? Even just one tiny corner of your own world? Change often feels overwhelming, scary even, and frequently we don’t know where to begin. So, if we’re hoping to change the world, our world, whether that is with a big W or a little one, where should we begin? Continue reading

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If there is a problem you are facing, there was a probably a startup at Collision working on a solution. Continue reading

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Observetation and measurement is an essential imperative to succeed to create and sustain innovation Continue reading

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There can be confusion as to what innovation means in retail. Here’s how we think about where innovation occurs in retail, and what’s driving it. Continue reading

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