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The Top Three Enemies of Innovation – Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

All innovation projects take longer than expected and take more resources than expected. It’s time to change our expectations. With regard to time and resources, innovation’s biggest enemy is waiting. There. I said it. Continue reading

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In my research of creativity in startup and mature companies I found that the ability of the team to hold productive debates was critical to that team’s creativity level. Continue reading

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If you cannot pre-test then be prepared to iterate time and again, taking rejection as a source of feedback and improvement. It is painful but you might just end up with Angry Birds, Harry Potter or Google. Continue reading

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Yoram Solomon goes over who exactly is responsible for chief innovation within an organization. Continue reading

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Michael Sliwinski, the CEO and Founder of Nozbe, was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series to share his insight on wearable technology. This post highlights this conversation. Continue reading

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Why assemble a team of experts in different fields if you don’t have them working together? Reconsider whether your organization has fallen victim to silo thinking–and get people to tear down the walls that box them in. Continue reading

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Looking to analogous fields – other industries who have solved similar challenges – is commonplace in R&D departments. However, it’s often overlooked by other functions (e.g. marketing, procurement, HR) seeking to innovate, especially on small non-technical challenges; even though it’s equally applicable and quick and simple to do. Continue reading

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