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How Social Affects Lead Generation

Social for lead generation has finally stepped into the limelight, and for good reason. The question of whether or not it can be an effective B2B marketing strategy has been answered with an astounding yes. But now the question remains, “how do I successfully implement social into my overall strategy?” Continue reading

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20 Jobs of the Future

In the past, careers were stable, linear and singular. People chose one path and pursued it over the course of their lives from college to retirement. In our modern age of technology driven exponential change – this model no longer works. This presentation will show you a snapshot of 20 careers that will likely come of age in the next 10 years. Continue reading

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10 Best Practices from the Best Social Brands of 2013

You see the biggest brands in the world winning the social media war and are left wondering: How can my business get the most out of social? This presentation explores how to leverage best practices from the biggest and best social brands in the world for your company (that may not have a big budget). This 2013 round-up of social media anecdotes offers 10 actionable recommendations to help your business go to the next level. Continue reading

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16 Inspirational Quotes From the Late, Great Steve Jobs

Get inspired by these 16 quotes from the great Steve Jobs… Continue reading

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Going Viral -  7 Top Tips to Get your Business to No. 1

“Fiscal Cliff follows in the tradition of other rock songs inspired by the economy, like “Money” by Pink Floyd and “Selling England by the Pound” by Genesis. But it’s the first rock song I’ve heard mentioning Quantitative Easing and John Maynard Keynes!” Continue reading

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For Small Business, Innovation Comes from Within

Small business owners tell themselves that they could never be a Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg; they tell themselves that they aren’t geniuses or inventors. They convince themselves that innovation is simply out of their reach. Thankfully, they’re wrong. Continue reading

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The History of SEO

SEO has changed a lot over the last two decades. We all know about Google Panda & Penguin, but did you know there was a time when search engine results were returned by humans? Crazy right? We take a trip down memory lane to chart some of the biggest events in SEO that have helped shape the industry today. Continue reading

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