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slideshare by George Jones

In this infographic, created by George Jones at, we see six scenarios for wearable tech devices. Will these wearable devices soon be a common staple in the classroom? Continue reading

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45 Inspiring Quotes for Startups

Whether you’re an early stage start-up, growing at a success rate that you’ve never dreamt, or just contemplating making the leap to entrepreneurship, we all need a little inspiration. Entrepreneurs who follow their dreams and are driven by passion can have bad days too. We’re sure these 45 quotes will power you through to bring out your best. Continue reading

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The Future of the Customer Relationship

Customer relations are in transformation! Pre-sales, sales & after sales are changing at high speed. Companies need to figure out the current customer journey, the role of self service, their data strategy and much more. In April 2014 a global study was conducted.. Continue reading

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Are You a Workplace Trendsetter?

An engaged, aligned, and recognized workforce separates you from the pack. get inspired. Be a trendsetter. Continue reading

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Culture Feasts on Innovation: Here's What you Can Do About It

You can have the best talent, best ideas, best processes, abundance of cash. If your culture does not align, being successful with innovating starts looking as if it’s a matter of luck. Continue reading

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Internal Venture Funds

The tyranny of the annual budget cycle can squash innovation inside a large company. An internal venture fund is a practical mechanism to help innovation survive corporate timelines, metrics, silos, turf wars, and politics. Continue reading

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The Future of Digital Learning

Steve Wheeler, an Associate Professor at Plymouth University brings you his thoughts on the future of digital learning. Continue reading

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