The Dog Ate My Innovation

A doctor, artist, a self-described, “standup (h)ac(k)ademic”, and entrepreneur, our next speaker will leave us questioning our relationship to newness and innovation. Check out this preso by Dr. Emily Lutzker. The Dog Ate My Innovation View more presentations from Innovation Excellence

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Beyond Stage Gate – A New Approach for Innovation Management

Product innovation has been described as the way out of today’s difficult business environment. However, the rate of success of development projects, in particular white space or disruptive innovation projects remains too low. We believe that a reason for the low success rate is the erroneous application of methods designed for incremental innovation like Stage Gate to projects with high ...

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My Boss Told Me to Get the Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer may be one of the most misunderstood concepts in the product management process. Unfortunately any survey or conversation with a customer these days is labeled as “Voice of the Customer” and just viewed as a “check box” item. We will relate different Voice of the Customer approaches with project portfolio classifications for product development.

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