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Language Kills Innovation

The problem with grammar is that it locks us into certain ways of thinking about things. In other words, if there are no words for certain concepts, we tend not to think about them. This means a key component of successful innovation is our ability to think beyond the constraints of language. Continue reading

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Get Ready for Marketing 2020

The 2020 consumer is coming fast. Companies need to get ready for a new form of marketing. This presentation describes the capabilities and the organization needed to be successful in 2020. Continue reading

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Doing What You Love

Check out this great presentation by Sean McCabe where he explains the importance of “Doing What You Love”. Continue reading

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Six Habits of Social Entrepreneurs

What makes some entrepreneurs succeed while others fail? Charles Tsai of Social Creatives argues that it all boils down to six best practices – or habits. These six are fundamental to creating positive change in today’s world. Continue reading

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2013 Future of Open Source

The annual Future of Open Source Survey provides a report on the state of the open source industry and analysis of future trends. Now in its seventh year, this annual survey was supported by 30 collaborators, open source software industry leaders, and collaborating organizations, and compiles results from hundreds of respondents from the open source community. Continue reading

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Creativity & Innovation

What is Innovation? It’s about looking at your customers & seeing things from their viewpoint. Not your own. Continue reading

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The Essence of an Entrepreneur

The New Oxford American Dictionary tells us that the definition of the word essence is: the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, esp. something abstract, that determines its character. So, then, what is the essence of an entrepreneur? Continue reading

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