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The Future of Work

This presentation explores the new ways we are working and the implications for business and for workers. Each theme has 4 trends and each trend is supported by 4 examples, supporting statistics and implications defined by PSFK Labs team. Continue reading

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XConomy Forum Sound Bites

Sound bites from mobile madness NorthWest.. Continue reading

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100 things to watch in 2013

Adult Playgrounds, Chia Seeds and Instant-Erase Apps—just a few items from the annual list of 100 Things to Watch for the year ahead. It’s a wide-ranging compilation that reflects developments that are bubbling up across sectors, including travel, technology, food, retail and sustainability. Continue reading

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Digital Killed the Book

Publishers must embrace change and reinvent their business in the digital era. “The Salon Model” puts branding and content marketing at the core. Continue reading

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Material ConneXion  - the Value of Connecting+ Material+ Science

I went to New York to attend Material ConneXion’s IGNITION launch. IGNITION is a new premium membership designed to jump start disruptive innovation opportunities via hands on participation, cross-pollination of ideas, and curated stimuli based on research, market insights, and cutting-edge Science. Continue reading

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Mobile Economy Report: 2012 Stats, Predictions & Trends

Mobile is the first order priority device for access, because it’s always with you, always connected. The desktop’s at the office. The tablet’s at the house. The TV’s at the house. You’re generally not watching TV during the day, but the smartphone is always with you. From mobile usage data to trends and latest news, this ebook should get you up to date with all the new things and we’re sure it will convince you it’s time to go mobile. Continue reading

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Positioning Strategy: From 1969 to 2012

In an era of customer self-realization and engagement, excellent customer service and technological advantage is not enough. Innovation and development based on generic drivers does little more than just that; create generic companies. Continue reading

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