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Tom Vander Ark

In the near future, in cities and across networks that lead the shift, we could see a significant improvement in career readiness and economic participation.
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Journal of Responsible Innovation, First Issue Review

In this post Jonny Hankins guides the Innovation Excellence community through the first issue of the Journal for Responsible Innovation. Continue reading

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How public policy addresses the issue of responsible innovation. Continue reading

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A Framework for Responsible Innovation

Last month Jack Stilgoe, Richard Owen and Phil Macnaghten published an open access article in the Research Policy journal entitled ‘Developing a Framework for Responsible Innovation’, and I think it raises some interesting points for all of the innovation community. Continue reading

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Innovation drives economic growth  source-

The prize, according to Nesta’s report, is what innovation still offers us. Here, Paul Hobcraft reports on the reality that innovation is presently stagnating in the UK, following his recent article Strike! Innovation is on strike! Continue reading

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Strike! Innovation is on strike!

Today innovation is actually on strike! Just take a look at the first of a two-part series with innovation news from Nesta, UK. Continue reading

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Preaching the Gospel of Entrepreneurship

The gospel of entrepreneurship, when swallowed whole, would have you believe that we’re entering a brave new post Fortune 500 era, that economic salvation is available to those who embrace entrepreneurship. Continue reading

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