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The Innovation Engine is a podcast series that discusses innovation through the lenses of corporate leadership, company culture, and emerging trends and technologies. This episode features Doug WIlliams of Continue reading

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What traits to successful startup founders share? It seems to be more than just brains and hard work. This is a top 12 list of the common characteristics I’ve observed in successful founders (and leaders). Continue reading

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fish crowd matketing

Content marketing is a king today, but there is one more “beast” that becomes more and more popular among online marketers, because it brings terrific results.Its name is crowd marketing. Crowd marketing is hard to call innovation (you’ve definitely heard of such a phenomenon as crowd sourcing), but it’s innovation by all means. Continue reading

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Exceptional Leadership and Innovation… The Exponential Leadership Survey 2015 was executed by Big Think and Singularity University. Continue reading

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What’s Your Jtb(UN)D ? Continue reading

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Top 10 tips to building and delivering a great product or business pitch for every innovator Continue reading

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The website Kickstarter has proven itself to be an amazing example of how an individual’s idea can grow into something big and successful. Kickstarter has imparted three key lessons that any organization can take to heart when it comes to crowdsourcing ideas from their employees. Continue reading

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