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Are Innovators Better at Multi-dimensional Thinking?

While I believe that innovation is a process that can and should be managed, I also believe that innovative people simply “are,” and that some people simply cannot (innovate), even if coached. Continue reading

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Outside the Box, or Not?

So what is the purpose of these oft-repeated anecdotes found in books on innovation and told at TED talks? According to writer Thomas Frank it is not to inspire out of the box thinking, but merely a vehicle for self-aggrandizement… Continue reading

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7_4_Statue to use

America’s Founders demonstrated a high degree of conversational intelligence. What must it have been like to create the innovation that is the US Constitution? What did the Founding Fathers have to do to transform our country’s destiny? Over 100 days, they shared their fierce energies, they listened, they built trust, handled conflict, engaged in negotiation and compromise, and ultimately created a revolutionary form of government. Continue reading

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Is the Innovation Engine Running Out of Steam?

There are many pundits who think that the innovation engine which has powered the growth of the world economy is running out of steam. Peter Thiel, one of the founders of PayPal says that innovation in the USA is ‘somewhere between dire straits and dead.’ Continue reading

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In the corporate world, I see behavior that wasn’t tolerated in ‘my day’ and I’d never tolerate…from my kids let alone colleagues, including the C-suite. The Harvard Business Review even ran an article “Rudeness at Work: What’s Your Story?” What the heck is going on? Are permissiveness and indulgence endemic everywhere? Continue reading

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Why Smartphones Out-rates Laptops for Young Adults

The smart phone industry is booming and young adults everywhere are favoring these portable devices over laptops. It is becoming the device of choice because it has many more conveniences than the laptop. Continue reading

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A Year of Harvest, a Day of Thanks

In August, Innovation Excellence marked its first birthday and now three months later, Thanksgiving Day feels like the right moment to express some heartfelt thanks. Continue reading

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