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Innovation is serious business. The lifeblood of your company depends on your ability to serve the changing world with new products and services while continuing to generate profits. What does this have to do with comedy? Turns out there are a lot of similarities. Continue reading

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Originally, developed by futurist Alvin Toffler to describe how we can overcome the inertia of the status quo, this dynamic process of recalibrating our thinking by engaging in a process of individual and collective learning, unlearning and relearning equips us to abandon what is not working so… Continue reading

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Do you want an innovative realtor (or barber or mechanic)? I don’t! But, I’m grateful some people do! As almost every company selling any type of product or service today seems to be using the word innovative, I’d like to quote Inigo Montoya (Princess Bride): “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” Continue reading

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We think the NYU Stern School grads are lucky to have gotten the straight talk about failure from Hatkoff right between the eyes! Whether its their first or next job, or first or next try at innovating, getting comfortable with failure is the hall pass to success in our current economy. Continue reading

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Are Innovators Better at Multi-dimensional Thinking?

While I believe that innovation is a process that can and should be managed, I also believe that innovative people simply “are,” and that some people simply cannot (innovate), even if coached. Continue reading

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Outside the Box, or Not?

So what is the purpose of these oft-repeated anecdotes found in books on innovation and told at TED talks? According to writer Thomas Frank it is not to inspire out of the box thinking, but merely a vehicle for self-aggrandizement… Continue reading

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7_4_Statue to use

America’s Founders demonstrated a high degree of conversational intelligence. What must it have been like to create the innovation that is the US Constitution? What did the Founding Fathers have to do to transform our country’s destiny? Over 100 days, they shared their fierce energies, they listened, they built trust, handled conflict, engaged in negotiation and compromise, and ultimately created a revolutionary form of government. Continue reading

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