Do Innovations Destroy or Expand the Market?

Apparently Socrates in ancient Greece was strongly opposed to the new practice of writing. He thought that it would kill the long-established skill of memorizing and reciting long stories. Furthermore he thought that writing would replace or discourage conversation. It seems ludicrous that any intellectual could oppose writing. However, every innovation involves an element of destruction.

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How to Market Your Partnerships

Business partnerships are everywhere. The supermarket branded credit card or perhaps the great insurance deal being offered with your new car. These days companies often find it challenging to stand out in an increasingly crowded and sophisticated global marketplace.

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Companies Connect Same Dots in Different Ways

One thing that I find fascinating about the innovation space is that when it comes to innovation is the outcomes of competition within an industry. I talk alot about it being about collecting and connecting the dots, and in any industry any company looking to survive and thrive, must continuously innovate and that means continuously collecting and connecting dots.

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