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Stephan Vincent takes us through 10 top reasons why innovation fails. You may recognize your company efforts on his list. Do not despair; you are not alone, and he will provide solutions in his upcoming posts. Continue reading

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Changing the Innovation Game

Open Innovation has gained a lot of traction since Henry Chesbrough’s eponymous 2003 book. Simplistically, it can be split into two. The first, the vast majority, is inbound, where a business uses the assets of other companies to develop something new and take it to market. The second is outbound, where a company licenses its assets to somebody else to take to market. Continue reading

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It takes more than just an Innovation focus to succeed. Ad Age reports on Walmart’s on sustainable innovation. Continue reading

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“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” – William Pollard Continue reading

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Where Will You Play (Strategically Speaking)?

The question of where to play, strategically speaking, is deceptively simple. Most companies don’t give it enough deep thought and consideration. My friend Roger Martin would say, in fact, that most companies adopt a mindset of “our ‘where to play’ is where God ordained us to play.” Continue reading

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What is Satya Nadella’s plan as new CEO of Microsoft in driving innovation back into the company? Continue reading

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Disrupting the Corporate Learning Paradigm - online debate

Reflecting back to the disruptive online discussion, I was somewhat shocked by the narrow and conventional response; “Starting up a business is not a GAME… Continue reading

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