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A healthy company culture is key to surviving change, and to general success. Continue reading

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Understanding CEO speak is key to succeed in Innovation Continue reading

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Listen to people. This is innovation in a nutshell. Continue reading

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In our saturated marketplace and overload information era, it is harder and harder to make personal connections and engage with customers. Customers are never more than a text, search, tweet, post or question to Google or Siri away from finding another option to fulfill their needs if you can’t get it done. Same process if they’re just not having the experience with you that they expected. Continue reading

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I’m sure many of you will have read or heard the famous quote attributed to Henry Ford, “if I’d asked people what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse”. This is usually quoted in the context of radical or breakthrough innovation, justifying an approach that doesn’t rely on customer feedback. Continue reading

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Given that homogeneity produces homogenous responses, it becomes insufficient when the time comes to deliver innovative responses. Therefore, innovation needs to break homogeneity and bring variety into the company. Continue reading

Posted in Innovation, Leadership, Management, Open Innovation, culture | Leave a comment’s Frederick Hutson is not the usual innovator. He didn’t share the same background as other tech entrepreneurs, but this is what enabled him to solve different problems that nobody else was solving. Continue reading

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