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Recently, a client of ours asked us to recommend a structure to integrate design competency into their organization. We performed a quick audit of existing structures. From this audit, we developed this graphic that associates structural integration to role of design and impact to business. Continue reading

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Who Blocks Innovation?

As an innovation consultant whose company works with a lot of large corporations, the psychic dissonance associated with innovation can be quite challenging. By that I mean there’s a lot of demand for innovation, but not a lot of passion. Continue reading

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While most of us work on the day-to-day operational details and focus on hitting the metrics, we often assume that there must be someone in the company that is thinking about the future. Whether we assume it’s the board, senior executives or perhaps the corporate strategy team, we somewhat believe that somewhere above our level, both the foresight and plans exist to stave disruption, capitalize on new opportunities and figure out exactly how the company needs to change to either survive or achieve the next paradigm of growth. This, however, is a fallacy that lands organizations and individuals in a lot of hot water. Continue reading

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Alex (Sandy) Petland, Data Scientist

It used to be that successful organizations thrived because they knew how to do a few things really well. They honed their skills and continuously improved at specific tasks. Techniques like Six Sigma helped them achieve amazing precision and minimize errors. The problem is that these techniques also limit your ability to take in new information. Continue reading

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Why We Need to Measure the Right Things – aka the real sources of value

There is this chronic lack of real understanding of where the true value does come from… Where does real value lie? What actually does make up the critical aspects of the business model anyway? Continue reading

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London Tech Startup scene: Where is the bloody innovation? 5 reasons startups fail

Most of the Tech startups in London are actually failing at innovation without knowing it. Here are the top 5 reasons why. Continue reading

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Many companies and corporate leaders say they want to be innovative, but what does it take to truly make innovation a systemic capability? How can your company build an “Innovation Engine” that continuously drives growth and strategic renewal? Continue reading

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