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What it takes to be a leader today: 3 important initiatives - Innovation Excellence

Going for a stroll in the wilderness earlier this week, with my son and dog, and an insight clearly emerged: The leaders I have been working with for the last 20 years are working on three important initiatives: Continue reading

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Innovation: A Journey of Discovery

Innovation gets defined so many ways that it can be confusing. While there is a repeatable framework for creating new value, the iterative nature of front end discovery work can perplex those who believe that work should be linear. Continue reading

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How to Set Up your Team to be Successful - Innovation Excellence

Setting up your team – and your organization – for success is one of the most important tasks for any leader. Here’s how to do it. Continue reading

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In the “How to Innovate…Strategically” paper, we examine how and when to use four common approaches to innovation, and which companies excel at each. We uncover the limitations and the challenges when implementing each method, and the top supporting tools for each approach. Continue reading

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Birth of the Part-Time Chief Innovation Officer

In my last article, we looked at the keys to Hiring the Right Chief Innovation Officer, including some do’s and don’ts. I encourage you to follow the link and read the details of how to hire the right person to lead innovation in your organization, but to quickly highlight some of them… Continue reading

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Hiring the Right Chief Innovation Officer

It’s innovate or die, and this new reality leaves all companies focused on Winning the War for Innovation. This quest to win the war for innovation has led many companies to begin hiring Chief Innovation Officers (CINO), or Innovation Managers, VP’s of Innovation, or Innovation Directors. But many companies have done so in haste… Continue reading

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Is innovation efficiency killing off some of our biggest ideas? Can increasing autonomy, more aggressively challenging our ideas, creating conditions that create serendipity, or simply being more thoughtful about what we call disruptive or breakthrough help bring bigger ideas back? Continue reading

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