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I believe that women represent a tremendous, untapped resource that has produced and will continue to yield huge returns for organizations and the communities they support. Through the power of women’s entrepreneurial activity, we create growth and prosperity while driving solutions for business and social problems. Women are a driving force of entrepreneurial growth and leading real, fundamental economic change. Continue reading

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Innovation Year-End Performance Review

As innovation practitioners, year-end is a good time for us to step back and think about how well we performed in our innovation roles in the previous year — with an eye towards leveraging lessons learned to improve the program next year. Although there are myriad ways of measuring innovation activity, the following list provides a starting set of criteria to assess one’s innovation efforts in 2013. Continue reading

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After more than our share of organic, locally sourced eggnog, the Strategyn team decided to tackle this problem. We would like to to introduce: The Mistletoe MishapApp. Yes, this fully integrated smartphone app (that we defined without pivoting) gets the entire job done on a single platform. Continue reading

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Una gran ventaja competitiva para las compañías significa contar con personas que emprendan nuevas ideas y proyectos al servicio de la organización. Por esta razón se torna muy importante identificar y apoyar a los emprendedores que se encuentran al interior de las organizaciones, en general promover el intraemprendimiento. Continue reading

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Define To Solve

Countries want their companies to create wealth and jobs, and to do it they want them to design products, make those products within their borders, and sell the products for more than the cost to make them. It’s a simple and sustainable recipe which makes for a highly competitive landscape, and it’s this competition that fuels innovation. Continue reading

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The NCCA Basketball Tournament is all about winning. Here’s what it can teach us about winning in business. Continue reading

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