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The Crowdstorm Effect (part 3): Recruiting Crowds aka GE, LEGO, Starbucks Success

Recruiting for crowdstorms requires developing content to build awareness and defining the delivery mechanisms to capture the attention of target groups similar to a product launch. Continue reading

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Innovation Chat with Scott Anthony

Neste terceiro artigo sobre inovação & estratégia, optei por aplicar simultaneamente estes dois conceitos e cheguei a uma “estratégia inovadora”: ao invés de escrever sobre um importante autor em inovação, decidi entrevistá-lo diretamente. Este post apresenta a entrevista realizada com Scott D. Anthony, diretor-gerente da Innosight. Continue reading

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Innovation: So Much Accomplished, But So Far Short of Full Potential

Bill Gates is right, in his interview with Fareed Zakaria, to point out that people tend to underestimate the extent to which innovation and technology has improved lives. What I think is even more important to recognize, however, is just how much better that it could have been… Continue reading

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Innovation Chat with Scott Anthony

I had the opportunity to sit down with Scott Anthony, managing partner of Innosight, the strategy and innovation consulting firm. He has advised senior leaders in organizations like Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, LG, Credit Suisse, Cisco Systems, Ayala Group, and the Singapore Economic Development Board. Anthony leads Innosight’s venture-capital investing activities (Innosight Ventures). Continue reading

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Companies are looking for specialists that can leverage the wealth of external networks to access fresh ideas. Co-creation managers have a solid academic background and plenty of company experience to foster collaboration within their organization. Continue reading

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2013 - El Año de la Innovación

Innovation Excellence Editor de América Latina, Acevedo Zulma, entrevistas Javier Salcedo, Gerente del Club de Innovación de Chile. Continue reading

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2013 - The Year of Innovation

Innovation Excellence Latin America Editor, Zulma Acevedo, interviews Javier Salcedo, Manager of the Innovation Club of Chile about The Year of Innovation- 2013 Continue reading

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