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7 Steps to Unlocking Innovation in a Conservative Culture (Case Study)

What does it take to spark and sustain innovation at the heart of one of the world’s most conservative industries? That’s the question I recently asked Harvey Wade, who has helped pioneer strategic innovation initiatives inside global finance giant Allianz. Continue reading

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Bosch Taking Open Innovation to New Heights

Peter Neumann from Bosch, a leading provider of innovative high-quality automotive technology, consumer goods and industrial technology products, presented at a recent Birds of a Feather Innovation Leaders (BOF) event hosted by Kraft. Mr. Neumann discussed open innovation initiatives looking for new tool and enhancement ideas using Brightidea software. Continue reading

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Tom Peters - Excellence Now

In what may be one of the great understatements, Tom Peters’ mother once remarked that her son “was a pretty good talker.” We’ve had the pleasure, along with you, of watching Tom over many decades and know that his particular brand of “talk” led a revolution in management aka they way people run enterprises, leading to a re-definition of what work itself has become. Continue reading

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7 Innovation Questions for Andy Stevanovich

I have been lucky enough to know Andy Stefanovich for over seven years. He is Chief Curator and Provocateur at Prophet, a strategic branding and marketing consultancy, and the author of Look at More. More importantly to me, he is on my personal Top 10 list of cool, creative, innovation catalyst’s I turn to for inspiration. Andy a truly innovative thinker and a change agent like no other. Continue reading

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Innovation Interview with Robert B. Tucker

Robert B. Tucker is a popular innovation speaker and consultant. Since 1986, with the publication of Winning the Innovation Game, he has coached and advised managers, executives, and entire teams at organizations ranging from IBM to the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory to SAP. Post-it Note inventor Art Fry said that after a 40 year career developing new products for 3M, “I found myself agreeing with everything Tucker says about taking an idea from concept to successful innovation” in his ground-breaking book Driving Growth Through Innovation. President of The Innovation Resource Consulting Group, with clients in 40 countries, Tucker’s primary work is assisting firms in developing sustainable innovation programs. His latest book, Innovation is Everybody’s Business, delves into how individual contributors and mid-level managers can ride the innovation trend. He recently sat down with me to discuss the new book and the state of the Innovation Movement. 1. Robert, …

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Co-Creating Business Models

Co-Create a book with hundreds of people? Are you crazy? No one thought it would work, but Alex Osterwalder didn’t believe them…and co-created an incredible best-seller on Business Model Innovation! Continue reading

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Being the smallest sewing machine manufacturer in the world, Bernina has always had to focus on innovation to stay one step ahead of their competition. Three years ago they decided to work with HYPE, a leading provider of idea management software. In the following interview, Innovation Manager Michael König gave HYPE some interesting insights into the Bernina innovation process and told us a real success story.

HYPE: Mr. König, what is your company’s core business and where does innovation fit?
König: The Bernina Company is the last remaining private sewing machine manufacturer in the world. We are also the smallest within the sector; therefore we need to come up with surprising and special offers in order to survive in the market. Continue reading

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