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Interview with Retired President X

I had lunch in 2009 with the recently-retired president of a multi-billion dollar company and had a great conversation about innovation, leadership, and culture. The insights are still relevant and he enjoys his private life so I won’t be naming any names, but I will share some of the key insights and advice for innovators that came out of the conversation. Continue reading

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Father of the Internet Knows Best (Part 2)

This is the final segment of my interview with Google VP and Chief Internet Evangelist, Vinton ‘Vint’ Cerf, known around the world as one of the ‘fathers of the internet’. Continue reading

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Father of the Internet

Imagine having the opportunity to ask Johannes Gutenberg about his thoughts on how his printing press would change the industry – let alone his opinion on how his press would change the world. Well, essentially, that’s the chance that I’ve had this morning, when I was given the opportunity to speak to Google’s VP and Chief Internet Evangelist, Vinton ‘Vint’ Cerf, known around the world as one of the ‘fathers of the internet’. Continue reading

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Michael Porter Interview with Rowan Gibson

An Innovation Excellence Classic: From an interview with Rowan Gibson

AS WE ENTER the twenty-first century, there is a pressing need for clear strategies. Because unless companies have a clear vision about how they are going to be distinctly different and unique, offering something different than their rivals to some different group of customers, they are going to get eaten alive by the intensity of competition.
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The Geoffrey Moore Interview - 'Escape Velocity'

I had the opportunity recently to interview Geoffrey A Moore, the best-selling author of such popular books as Crossing the Chasm, Inside the Tornado, The Gorilla Game and Dealing with Darwin. He has a new book out called Escape Velocity: Free Your Company’s Future from the Pull of the Past and having had some of his books on the Innovation Excellence Reading List for a while I thought it made sense to sit down and pose him some questions to get some of his latest perspectives, thoughts and insights on innovation. Continue reading

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7 Steps to Unlocking Innovation in a Conservative Culture (Case Study)

What does it take to spark and sustain innovation at the heart of one of the world’s most conservative industries? That’s the question I recently asked Harvey Wade, who has helped pioneer strategic innovation initiatives inside global finance giant Allianz. Continue reading

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Bosch Taking Open Innovation to New Heights

Peter Neumann from Bosch, a leading provider of innovative high-quality automotive technology, consumer goods and industrial technology products, presented at a recent Birds of a Feather Innovation Leaders (BOF) event hosted by Kraft. Mr. Neumann discussed open innovation initiatives looking for new tool and enhancement ideas using Brightidea software. Continue reading

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