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Building Innovation at Large Companies

An interesting thing happens in successful companies. They tend to focus on what made them successful and over time actually drive out innovation and instead develop a resistance to risk-taking. Known as the “incumbent’s curse,” examples are easily found, such as Kodak, Research in Motion, Sony, and Hewlett Packard. Find a large company and chances are high that… Continue reading

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Katherine Jones, the Vice President, Human Capital Management Technology Research at Bersin by Deloitte, was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series and shares her insight on the intersection of sales, marketing, and technology. Continue reading

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Serial Innovators

While serial innovators bring their organization benefits, they too frequently are not valued and even seen as trouble makers. Continue reading

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Creating an Innovation Group to Foster Product Management

Chad McAllister interviews Jeff Honious, the VP of Innovation at the RELX Group, about creating an innovation group in a large organization. Continue reading

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Join the innovation excellence community

This is a podcast episode of “Pushing Beyond the Obvious” where we host Porus Munshi – author of the best selling book – Making Breakthrough Innovations Happen. Great conversation with a lot of good insights. Continue reading

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5 Keys for Creating an Innovation Culture

I had the pleasure of interviewing Braden Kelley, co-founder of the Innovation Excellence community. Braden is also a speaker and executive trainer as well as an author with a growing list of change and innovation publications. His last book was Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire, and he is currently working on a new project, the Change Planning Toolkit™. He shared five keys to creating an innovation culture with me… Continue reading

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Comedian Damon Wayans shares lessons for innovators with contributor Stephen Bohnet in this post. Continue reading

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