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Intellectual Property: The Winning Mario Kart Strategy

Patent searching, filing and policing is rapidly becoming a drag on organizations’ resources and agility. The likes of Apple and Samsung only manage to neutralize each other in epic but ultimately no-value-adding battles.. Continue reading

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Investing in Innovation: A Venture Capital POV

Take a look at most VC pitches and usually more slides are on the technology and functionality than sales and marketing. Take a look at most ‘use of funds’ and most of the money goes to product development, with not that much towards sales and marketing. Continue reading

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Entering the Dragon’s Den

For those unfamiliar with the term “dragon’s den”, it involves pitching a start-up or new business venture to a potential investor, panel of investors or business mentor, to answer their questions and then receive feedback “warts and all”. Continue reading

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Managing Innovation

Go to any conference these days and some whip-smart technogeek will declare that you must, “innovate or die,” and then dazzle you a wide array of case studies to illustrate the point. You’ll feel inspired, then scared and then have a few beers and go about your business. Continue reading

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GE Takes a Quirky Approach to Innovation

Last week GE and Quirky announced a new partnership where GE will make some of its library of patents available as part of Quirky’s new inspiration platform, allowing inventors to use some of its patents in their potentially novel consumer product invention ideas. This on its surface is a very interesting and logical open innovation partnership (no, not crowdsourcing). But will it work? Will it achieve the goals that GE has in mind for the open innovation partnership? Continue reading

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Patents vs Growth

A company’s future growth potential is a function of the alignment of a company’s assets relative to future growth opportunities. Along with intangible assets such as knowledge, competencies, willingness and readiness, a company’s growth success is also reliant on tangible assets – culture, intellectual property, technologies and capital – all fundamental elements for sustainable business growth. Collectively, these assets are what makes a company who they are and what makes them unique. Continue reading

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Rewarding Responsible Innovators

How can responsible innovation lead to financial rewards? Continue reading

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