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Innovation Lessons from Tesla and Elon Musk

Last month, Tesla Motors announced that they are opening up their patents to anyone, who in good faith, wants to use their technology. This enforces my belief that although intellectual property rights are still important in the world of innovation, the value is decreasing. One reason is the fast pace of change, which… Continue reading

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Laura Hernández GarvayoGores reflects on how Gore’s history of profitability, growth and success is based on the ability of the company to implement and execute a strategy based on two pillars: leadership in innovative technology and corporate culture — for more than fifty years. Continue reading

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Sustainable process-driven innovation transforms ideas into vital intellectual property, Intellectual property into revenues, and revenues into increased stakeholder value. While the creation of the idea is important, the creation of value for the customer is equally paramount. Continue reading

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Paraphrasing Albert Einstein; we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. That paradox sits at the core of creating processes for embedding an innovation culture and capability into any corporation. Continue reading

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Intellectual Property: The Winning Mario Kart Strategy

Patent searching, filing and policing is rapidly becoming a drag on organizations’ resources and agility. The likes of Apple and Samsung only manage to neutralize each other in epic but ultimately no-value-adding battles.. Continue reading

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Investing in Innovation: A Venture Capital POV

Take a look at most VC pitches and usually more slides are on the technology and functionality than sales and marketing. Take a look at most ‘use of funds’ and most of the money goes to product development, with not that much towards sales and marketing. Continue reading

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Entering the Dragon’s Den

For those unfamiliar with the term “dragon’s den”, it involves pitching a start-up or new business venture to a potential investor, panel of investors or business mentor, to answer their questions and then receive feedback “warts and all”. Continue reading

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