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Does Indiana Hate Innovation?

Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s talk about homosexuality and whether it has any impact on innovation. There probably are two no more polarizing topics in the United States than homosexuality and abortion. But the truth is that if both sides of the political and religious spectrum focused on the golden rule, there would be less corruption, we’d all be… Continue reading

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There is an Entrepreneurial movement sweeping the planet, creating a wave of startups that are rapidly solving (attacking) some of the biggest government and corporate problems we are facing today. But are the big corporations trailing behind? Or can they keep up if they learn a new dance. Read more to find out. Continue reading

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It is the last, hard five yards of all the work that went into something, which can make or break so much of the efforts that have gone into this emerging ‘commercial life’ of our new innovation activities. Here are some steps to follow to make sure you get over the hurdle of the last final yards. Continue reading

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Innovation or Not - Swirling Faucet Design

I came across this faucet design on c|net and I thought to myself, now there is a smart design that brings a bit of the wonder of a dancing water show into the bathroom. It’s called the Swirl and was designed my Simin Qiu. He won the 2014 iF Haier special prize student award for the design. The faucet has… Continue reading

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There is a lot of dicussion around how customer orientation effects innovation. Ralph Ohr dives into research by V. Govindarajan, P. K. Kopalle and E. Danneels which studies the effects of customer orientation on a firm’s innovativeness. Continue reading

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Open Innovation (OI) is a well-established way to increase options for innovation. It is quite prominent in areas such as Fast Moving Consumer Goods (CPG), but much less so in manufacturing industries. Kevin McFarthing recently find out more from Pete Longdon, who runs the OI programme at Tata Steel and details them in this post. Continue reading

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If you are planning on hosting an idea event you would do well to share these five ground rules from Michael Allen before you start any ideation session. Continue reading

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