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When your internal innovation development program isn’t providing the returns that you expected how do you know where to look for the source of the problem? Is it a string of bad luck…or leadership, culture…or is it a fundamental issue with the program itself? By leveraging the collective intelligence of their member organizations Innovators International has found a better way to solve these problems. Continue reading

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What Is Your Winning Aspiration?

A winning strategy absolutely must begin with a winning aspiration. Too doctrinaire? Allow me to explain the premise the way I learned it from Roger Martin, one of the best strategists on the planet. Continue reading

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How public policy addresses the issue of responsible innovation. Continue reading

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Innovation at World Bank, Disney, Nasa, AstraZeneca and more

Robert Brands reporting from the Chief Innovation Officer Summit in New York City, captured an impressive range of leadership insights and experience from Pfizer, Disney, Sony, and NASA and others on innovation best practices, metrics, and breakthrough strategies. Continue reading

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Discomfort Is The Key To Innovation

For years now we’ve been told that innovation is strange and unusual, but promises great possibilities and potential returns. In some cases and places, we’ve been successful, but there’s something to be learned in the lasting resistance to innovation on the whole. Continue reading

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How to Implement with Discipline and Focus

Successful implementation is the key to winning in business. Here’s how to do it without losing focus. Continue reading

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No one really wants speculative predictions. The real value has been in insights and drivers that unlock innovation, drive business growth and unlock enterprise value. CEO Futurist, Patrick Meyer, shares 14 Insights for 2014! Continue reading

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