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Crowdsourcing Diplomacy

Lets look at Innovation, Crowdsourcing, and the United States Government for a minute… The world continues to move faster than ever and diplomatic responses from the United States are required that are both increasingly more complex and more urgent, and the required solutions must address the inherent situational challenges while also protecting the interests of the United States and its allies. To deal with this diplomatic reality, the United States State Department is… Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing Across the Digital Divide

Learn how innovation depends on lowering more barriers to participation… Continue reading

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Infographic - Innovation Rankings - USA and the Rest of the World

Innovation is said to be a key driver of economic growth and prosperity. Vaccinations and sanitation throughout the world have saved millions of lives in the last century. Inventions and technology have fostered increases in industry and productivity that have changed the face of our cities and infrastructures. But what makes a one country more favorable than another? Continue reading

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America Falling Behind in Education and Economy

There is strong evidence that economic growth has been accompanied by growth in both spending and participation in schooling. In the second half of the 20th century the U.S. was the global leader in education, with largest supply of highly qualified people in its adult labor force of any country in the world. But this is changing… Continue reading

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No one really wants speculative predictions. The real value has been in insights and drivers that unlock innovation, drive business growth and unlock enterprise value. CEO Futurist, Patrick Meyer, shares 14 Insights for 2014! Continue reading

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Our next series of blogs will cover how to embrace co-creation to drive public sector innovation. Continue reading

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We explore the hows and whys of open innovation in government, especially focusing on how it works. Continue reading

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