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There is a growing public demand to know where the value creation is coming from and what the management of our organizations is doing to protect and enhance it. Knowing the make-up of the material capitals is so important to this. Telling any story should always have a more forward looking view… Continue reading

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Paul R

Sometimes a good sound plan, uttered clearly at the right moment, IS the disruption. If the mind-bogglingly tragic, systemic failures at the VA have confounded you, then take heart. There is an organization, the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), that has been working for years on a positive, comprehensive plan for reforming it. Continue reading

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Now that we are in the age of the smart phone, has the rise of constant and instant distraction available led to unproductive meeting culture in your company? Continue reading

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What is Satya Nadella’s plan as new CEO of Microsoft in driving innovation back into the company? Continue reading

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How public policy addresses the issue of responsible innovation. Continue reading

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The problem for management is any discussion of the future enters the ‘zone of uncertainty’ and this ability to often ‘read the tea leaves’ can very much determine the future health and direction of the organization. Ignore these shifts or signals and you are on the path to your own ‘destruction’. Continue reading

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We explore the hows and whys of open innovation in government, especially focusing on how it works. Continue reading

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