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The Crowdfunding Conundrum

The House of Representatives recently voted in favor 407-17 of legislation that would allow non-accredited investors to make equity investments in privately held, small startup companies. Is this a boon for startup liquidity or might it introduce unforeseen complications? Continue reading

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I know, I know. You think I’m as batty as Julie Andrews — spinning up that dirt road to the von Trapp manor with guitar in hand, singing, “I have confidence in me!” Maybe it is a little crazy. But it’s true. Even the cold, hard facts of this complex global economy make this same emotional plea. Confidence — or a lack there-of — is paramount.
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More efficiency or more innovation?

How much of your time, effort and resources should be invested in innovation? It’s not until we think of these as investments and force specific tradeoffs that the conundrum becomes clear. Continue reading

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At Experian Latin America, aiming to systemize innovation as a capability in an increasingly competitive market, we implemented an ideation platform that mirrors our company’s people-oriented management strategy: collaborative, transparent, and meritocratic. Continue reading

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Innovation. Corporate Governance. Two business concepts that are not often used together in the same sentence. Maybe it is time for Innovation and Corporate Governance to have a ‘Reese’s Moment’ and for boards to ask: ‘Who put the Innovation in my Corporate Governance?” Continue reading

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3 Lessons in Disruptive Innovation to Learn Today

Disruptive innovations have a knack for penetrating or outright creating new markets where none previously existed. The inventions behind a disruptive innovation sell. They are the ultimate proof point of utility because they literally disrupt the status quo in some vertical or space often providing a consumer with a new experience or service they didn’t even realize they wanted. Continue reading

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