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Life After Chapter 11? 5 Big Brands That Survived

Eastman Kodak (NYSE:EKDKQ) surprised few by declaring bankruptcy last week. It was clear to many business insiders back in September that Kodak was headed to zero after a panicked move to tap its credit line. As those who have watched the corporate history of Kodak know, years of big debts and a lack of innovation have been weighing on the iconic photography company for quite some time. Continue reading

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Better Innovation With Less Money

A few years back, many companies would simply try to buy their way to innovation success by hiring more people and starting more projects as they were given more money. Continue reading

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Proof Kodak Was Doomed 14 Years Ago

Eastman Kodak (NYSE:EK) is in it deep. WhileKodak is is trying to stave off bankruptcy via restructuring, crippling debt and troubles turning a profit mean there isn’t much time on the clock. Continue reading

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GE Innovation and the World Economic Forum

Just released on the 18th of January is the GE Global Innovation Barometer with its results of its second annual review on innovation. The aim of releasing the Global Innovation Barometer now is to have this available for the meeting in Davos as well as to help shape GE’s innovation agenda going forward. Continue reading

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The Crowdfunding Conundrum

The House of Representatives recently voted in favor 407-17 of legislation that would allow non-accredited investors to make equity investments in privately held, small startup companies. Is this a boon for startup liquidity or might it introduce unforeseen complications? Continue reading

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I know, I know. You think I’m as batty as Julie Andrews — spinning up that dirt road to the von Trapp manor with guitar in hand, singing, “I have confidence in me!” Maybe it is a little crazy. But it’s true. Even the cold, hard facts of this complex global economy make this same emotional plea. Confidence — or a lack there-of — is paramount.
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