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To Have And To Hold

eMarketer, which provides research and analysis on digital marketing and media, published an interesting study this week on expenditure trends in the direct marketing industry. Continue reading

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Rockonomics – Andrew Sentance on business, innovation, the economy and Rock’n’Roll

Andrew Sentance is Senior Economic Adviser to Price Waterhouse Coopers and combines a demanding career with a love of classic rock music. I was curious to find out how he has synthesised these apparent opposites. Continue reading

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Questions You Should Ask on an Innovation Audit

If we are going to improve innovation in our organisation then an accurate current assessment of the our creativity, agility and innovation capacity is essential. An innovation audit looks at a number of issues to see what is working well and what is impeding innovation in the company. It asks analytical questions like these… Continue reading

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Deals Tipping Point

Malcom Gladwell’s 2002 best-seller, The Tipping Point,makes the case that little things add up until a critical mass hits and then—watch out—seismic change occurs. Don’t look now, but we are approaching a tipping point in the digital deals market. Continue reading

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Tax Innovation  - The Path to Long-term Prosperity

We Americans need to wake up – now — and stop acting like spoiled, immature children. Elected officials need to put aside partisanship – now – and do what’s in the best interest of our country and speak the truth to the electorate. And we all must do this without fostering and perpetuating certain convenient misconceptions and without coddling us like soft, over-indulgent parents afraid to say “no.” Continue reading

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Media & Entertainment Reimagined by Collaborative Innovation

Established firms in the media & entertainment space struggle to prosper in the Digital Age. New business models, enlivened by technology, erode traditional sources of profit. What possibilities for reimagining the business exist? In this article, I suggest one avenue to pursue: the benefits that come from learning how to convene a community on the critical question by embracing the practice of collaborative innovation; then applying the practice to help people work to their potential. Continue reading

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It’s long been understood that when it came to digital media marketing, paid search advertising was where it’s at. After all, people came online to find information. In order to find that information, they had to search. Therefore, paid search was the most effective and efficient way to make an impression online. Continue reading

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