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Can You Spare an Innovation Dime?

In the Great Depression it wasn’t at all uncommon to see able bodied men selling apples on a street corner, or worse, holding a sign asking for spare change. The phrase “can you spare a dime” became synonymous with the era, as people sought any job, any way to earn money they could find. Of course, back then a dime was real money. Today, there’s a new cry heard in many organizations.. Continue reading

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Innovation or Not? - A Smart Smart Home Approach

I came across the inspiration for the latest in the “Innovation or Not?” series through a current London Business School student – Marie Milleron – for a Smart Home idea that they are raising money for on IndieGoGo. The idea is pretty simple on its face, but I’m sure there is a lot of complexity behind the scenes. Continue reading

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Be Really Glad Bezos Bought The Washington Post

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon worth $25.2B just paid $250 million to become sole owner of The Washington Post. Some think the recent rash of billionaires buying newspapers is simply rich folks buying themselves trophies. Probably true in some instances – and that benefits no one. Continue reading

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Quality Marketing Strategy in Finacial Risk Management NPD

In the financial risk management market where intense competition exists between banking institutions, new product development is of immense importance for the key players who are looking for customer satisfaction and higher profit margins. Continue reading

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Innovation REALLY Matters - Lessons Learned from Detroit

Forbes republished its annual “Most Miserable Cities” list. It looks at employment/unemployment, inflation, incomes and cost of living, crime, weather, commute times – a pretty good overview of things tied to living somewhere. Detroit ranked first, as the most miserable city, with Flint, MI second. And my home-sweet-home Chicago came in fourth. Ouch! Continue reading

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Banks Facing the Innovator's Dilemma

Bankers take too much comfort in the perceived protection provided by operating in a highly regulated business. Relying on regulations to protect the industry will only hasten its reduction to utility status. Regulations are also a poor excuse for not innovating. Continue reading

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Quality of Marketing - Important Factor in NPD Success

Marketing input, in one form or another, is an important factor contributing to product development success. However, the relationship between marketing input and product development success is not clearly substantiated. Continue reading

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