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Research: Employee Engagement in the Innovation Process

Last August, we introduced the key theme of the next IX Research report: the role employee engagement plays in the innovation process. We started with a premise that innovation thrives in organizations that have established a culture of innovation. But what exactly does “a culture of innovation” mean? We hypothesized that an indispensable element of this culture is… Continue reading

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How Big Ideas Are Built

Companies often ask themselves why their innovation efforts seem to produce so few truly game-changing ideas. Why are they mostly getting only lukewarm suggestions for incremental improvements rather than radical new concepts for revolutionizing their industries? How can an organization get dramatically better at generating big, breakthrough ideas? Continue reading

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Design Your Own Drone, Robot or Machine for Good Competition

ALL FOR ENTRIES: We are seeking design IDEAS that are socially, ecologically and technologically relevant to humanitarian causes. The competition will be held April 23 at the Anti-Summit-beta at the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards, with 50K in prizes awarded. Apply by April 6th. Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons Not to Innovate

I’ve been meaning to write this article for more than a year, after a dialog I was part of with the CEO of a leading online travel site where I heard him say that the company wasn’t focused on innovation, that it wasn’t the right time to focus on innovation. This is despite the fact that the organization lists innovation as one of the company’s core values… Continue reading

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The Cloud, the Fence, and the Stretch Factor

The cloud was on Time Warner Cable’s radar. Sitting outside their core business of television, phone, and internet services, cloud computing held the potential for significant new-to-company demand. But cloud computing is not a new-to-the-world business, and with a field of established incumbents, entering into the market was a risky proposition. Continue reading

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Every Day is Election Day

Too many women who want to seek and hold public office are afraid to dive in. Some think merely jumping in is corrupting. Others think you have to be an insider to win. Some will only enter with an invitation, after someone else decides they’ve earned it. But when you jump in the political pool on your own and assert your right to be there, whether you’re fighting a righteous cause or because you want to be a political somebody, don’t assume the competition will be fair. To choose another metaphor, take the hits, go back to your corner, wipe the sweat off your brow, and come back swinging. Continue reading

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A Power Tool for Creative Thinking

What if you could find a way to think like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, or Richard Branson? What if you discovered the actual thought processes that lead great innovators to their Eureka moments, and then you reverse-engineered them? What if you built a power tool for creative thinking that would enable you to emulate the mind of the innovator?

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