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The Innovation Quotient: Don’t just hook-up, connect!

Quite different from hooking up, as we connect and collaborate, give and take, we are evolving, emerging stronger and more capable… we’ll be reminded that people are not only a precious commodity, they are a renewable resource. Continue reading

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How Konica Minolta Uses Design Thinking - Innovation Excellence

An inside look at how Konica Minolta Medical Imaging is using Design Thinking to help Healthcare providers develop their Primary Imaging strategy for the future; and convening the Healthcare Community at Healthovate! Activate! at Xavier University. Continue reading

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The Mid Zone

The Front End / Back End model was right for its time… however, fast-forward nearly a quarter century, and we find that things have changed a bit. Continue reading

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Here's How We Can Win the Race to Cure Cancer

Over the past 20 years, research at NIH has been making slow progress against cancer, increasing survival rates by about 1% per year. Yet now, through a new initiative called 21st Century Cures Act, we can accelerate that progress, perhaps drastically, and finally cure cancer as well as other chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Continue reading

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Greatest Olympic Innovation in History

The greatest innovation in Olympic History: No, it is not the BMW designed USA bobsled, the Lockheed Martin designed Mach 39 speedskating suits, instantaneous video replays on iPads, Shawn White’s frontside double-cork 1440 in half pipe or Usain Bolt’s golden shoes. Continue reading

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Mutual Capitalism – Your Next Innovation Strategy

Cedric Bachellerie explores how looking at strategy through the lens of competition may actually undermine the innovation potential of your company and that an alternative approach based on mutualism opens the door to greater possibilities. Continue reading

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To gain competitive advantage, organizations need to apply foresight and get ahead of change. President & CEO of Gongos, Inc. Camille Nicita shares how they are trying to both create and shape the change that is happening in the industry. Continue reading

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