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Signals assembled some of the big thinkers in big data – Frank Moss, Thomas Thurston and Gil Sadeh. The discussion centered on the challenges faced by innovation teams at leading corporates, the potential (and hurdle) of “big data”, and fresh ideas on how to bridge that gap and tapping big data for innovation work. Here are some of the highlights from that conversation. Continue reading

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A New Innovation Perspective: Change To Fluidity

Most innovation should be focused on updating and changing business models constantly and with increasing focus. With this focus new products and services become by-products or outcomes that support or sustain new business models for driving greater lasting sustaining competitive advantage. Continue reading

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Creating environment that release greatness in others is quickly becoming the most important challenge of the 21st century and one that will pay off for generations to come. Judith Glaser talks about nine practices every organization should parent. Continue reading

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The Interplay Surrounding Innovation

In our new white paper, “The critical interplay among innovation, business models and change” we provide a foundation document that highlights the important interplay between innovation, business models and change. For us, Innovation exerts influence, it challenges We need to constantly find the interplay to leverage all the value. Continue reading

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It’s no longer solely about asking primary research questions. Greg Heist of Gongos, Inc. talks about a holistic view of consumers, particularly as data becomes more abundant. It’s ultimately about helping organizations develop a competency in leveraging the data and knowledge the organization already possesses to tackle business challenges, both large and small. Continue reading

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Why Big Organizations Are Broken

Today, according to Gallup, we’ve lost our faith in large institutions, including government, religious organizations and labor unions (though we never had much faith in big business). Many attribute this trend to high profile scandals and the financial crisis, but the reality is that the decline is longstanding. In truth, large organizations are fundamentally broken. Continue reading

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Most Companies Suck at Innovation Because…

Most companies suck at innovation because they suck at change. There you go, there is the entire article in a single sentence. Please click the like button or leave a comment on your way out, and I’ll turn out the lights. I’m actually serious, but… Continue reading

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