Connect Work Thrive: Reshaping Entrenprenuerial Growth

I believe that women represent a tremendous, untapped resource that has produced and will continue to yield huge returns for organizations and the communities they support. Through the power of women’s entrepreneurial activity, we create growth and prosperity while driving solutions for business and social problems. Women are a driving force of entrepreneurial growth and leading real, fundamental economic change.

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Selling Innovation: The Pitch (chapter 3)

Once you have designed a great product or service and determined the most effective path for taking it to market, selling your innovation will require creating a message that communicates the value proposition to prospective buyers. Because both consumer and corporate buyers are far more sophisticated today with access to multiple sources of information - from product reviews to competitive pricing - your pitch can not be one-dimensional. You must blend a simple, easily grasped and remembered tag line with feature-function lists, competitive product comparisons, and not a small measure of excitement.

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Selling Innovation: The Path (chapter 2)

Once you have designed your core product, service or solution, it’s time to plan the optimal path to market. Traditional go-to-market strategies are a good foundation from which to build a path to market for your innovation. But in the innovation economy the exact path or paths to success may not be knowable at the outset. Successful Selling Innovation requires constant listening, adapting, and refining plans as new data emerge - in current lexicon it's called pivoting.

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