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You’ve got the idea. The website’s being built. Technology elements are being integrated. Social media channels have been set up. So what’s left to be done? Here are six innovative approaches that you probably haven’t considered, which can help make a big difference to the growth your start-up achieves in the early stages – and which will support you over the longer-term too. Continue reading

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Shifting the Odds of Innovation Success - Innovation Excellence

Good advice and sound innovation practices are at the core of what innovation leaders are striving to do: make innovation work better. However, I’d like to refocus the conversation onto something that I’m convinced is more powerful than any of these strategies (based on hard data… Continue reading

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How to Survive Your Cultural Antibodies

As Innovation and Growth Strategy consultants we have methods, processes, and exercises that we apply to client problems, but what is even more impactful is something else ultimately. That something is perhaps the rarest asset in corporate America for an unknown reason, something called courage. Continue reading

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Behavioral Innovation: the need to pivot, why we don’t and what we can do  - Innovation Excellence

Over the years, the largest businesses only keep their top spots by evolving and chasing the sunrise markets and leaving the sunsets. Intel famously pivoted from manufacturing memory sticks to microprocessors. For each success story, there are hundreds of other businesses which failed to pivot and stuck with a dying business plan. Why? Continue reading

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Making Your Ideas Brilliant - Innovation Excellence

All ideas are brilliant. The success or the failure of the idea or in other words, the idea taking off or not lies on the person who is pitching it or selling it, i.e. the pitcher. Continue reading

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Intrapreneurship april 14

What’s going on with intrapreneurship? Initiatives seem to multiply in France. Nicolas Bry analyses a few causes, goes through signs of movement like Les Hacktivateurs recent association, and show how Orange open innovation actions complements internal innovation. Finally, he demonstrates how the 4 principles supporting Rapid Innovation are a great framework to sustain intrapreneurship. Continue reading

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IBM Learning is now developing a completely different set of competencies which they encapsulate and describe as an ‘adaptive learner’. Stating that “innovation is the art of combination” where designers, developers, and engineers (and supervisors, managers and leaders) are required to combine their ‘expert intuition’ (and knowledge, skills and experience) with ‘strategic intuition’ (and innovative thinking). Continue reading

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