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Learn how a small business innovation research (SBIR) contract, Hurricane Katrina and a prototype spawned success. Continue reading

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I used to fight the idea that more creative people go to startups. I didn’t see any reason why people would choose startup over mature companies (or vice versa) based on their own level of creativity. Continue reading

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Can you imagine whole industries being wiped out? - Innovation Excellence

The “cost to serve” is continuing to be driven down, and data is driving this. Add dislocation and deconstruction to disruption, destruction and digital. Continue reading

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Entrepreneurs, Create Your Own Maps!

All adventures begin with a new map, just like the territory you charted in your business plans. You drafted this plan in the ardor of a visionary impulse, tempered with a will to thrive as you grow. Continue reading

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Anthony Ferrier Image AbstractArtAngel77

The power and freedom that entrepreneurs and their startups embody is reinforced through a constant stream of media highlighting success, purpose and (mostly bullsh*t) bucolic work environments. As the global economy improves, business leaders of established corporate organizations need to consider how they can introduce an entrepreneurial spirit. Intrapreneurs are the answer, and this article provides a high level overview. Continue reading

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The world as we know may be run by businessmen, but it is definitely shaped by engineers. Every engineer would said that the world will be a better place if tech guys made more decisions. In their microcosms (organizations) they often rule, but how much help do they need from the non-tech side? Continue reading

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7 Ways Corporations Are Driving Entrepreneurship Within Their Organisation

It’s a cruel paradox that many big businesses that are trying to transform to be more innovative, agile and responsive to customers are hamstrung by the very culture they’re attempting to fix. Here at the Lean Start-up conference in California… Continue reading

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