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Pepsi Refresh failed because it had no relevance to the brand’s operations or heritage. Pepsi never earned that particular mission and therefore consumers saw little need to reward the company for its efforts. Contrast Business Innovation Factory (BIF), an organization that brings cutting edge innovation techniques to social initiatives, many of which are similar to those Pepsi Refresh sought to promote. Continue reading

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World Cup Innovation

As I watched the matches over the last few weeks, I found myself thinking about how innovation practitioners could benefit from examining their work efforts using examples from soccer. From the start to the end of a match, soccer is rife with lessons learned for the innovator. Continue reading

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Innovation is serious business. The lifeblood of your company depends on your ability to serve the changing world with new products and services while continuing to generate profits. What does this have to do with comedy? Turns out there are a lot of similarities. Continue reading

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I like to use my marathon experiences to connect with innovation and find insights to improve my assistance to companies that want to innovate. I call it Innovathons. Continue reading

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“I’m forever a student, I’m always looking for interesting people, places, and things. Feeding my curiosity is key. I love searching for new things that can change my perspective on how I see the world. If your brain isn’t constantly learning, you’re doing yourself a disservice.” – Pharrell Williams, Grammy Award-winning musician/entrepreneur Continue reading

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Indiana will celebrate innovation this August with Centric’s Day of Innovation conference. The one-day event allows innovation leaders and practitioners to converge and learn from a diverse group of people. The event will feature keynote speaker Jeff Baxter, co-founder of Steely Dan and lead-guitarist of the Doobie Brothers – who is now a consultant for the Pentagon on counter-terrorism. Continue reading

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From technology to education, business and world affairs, things are moving so fast that it’s hard to keep up with it all, much less make sense of where things are going. So this year, I’m focusing my summer list on books that explain the future. Continue reading

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