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In his TED talk about innovation, Toby Shapshak, shows that in developed countries, people spend a lot of their day doing “time wasters” – which takes time away from the time they spend innovating. Continue reading

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Gregg Fraley’s impressive list isn’t about the best films in a cinematic sense. It’s more about the potential for instructive innovation clips. If you’re an innovation educator seeking to use film clips, you might want to check out… Continue reading

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What do Fedex, the Pope and the Fosbury Flop have in Common? The answer is not just that they’re all iconic disruptors in their own right.  The answer may well go deeper and address our collective yearnings for positive disruption, what it takes to productively embrace, and make disruptive innovation happen , without decimating or getting decimated by it. Innovation Excellence is pleased to announced our newest exclusive online content series:
DISRUPTING Disruptive Innovation:  Lessons from the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards starting Thursday January 29 at 1 p.m. eastern.
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TV Feature Innovation Reaches the Limit

The major flat screen television manufacturers are scared that people are not going to buy their new sets because they don’t have a reason to upgrade. And they’re right. Find out why. Continue reading

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Innovation TV

My work with EMC TV has me thinking a lot about the role of video in the innovation process. EMC developed an innovative new technology (VPLEX) that can simultaneously (and instantly) synchronize online transactions to two separate geographic locations. In addition to this synchronization, each location is “active / active”, meaning that the data is fully accessible on both sides (which is extremely hard to do). Continue reading

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Invention vs Innovation - 5 Worst Dragon's Den Ideas Ever

In this article we’ll look at invention versus innovation, the worst five inventions ever shown on Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank, and how you can ensure your innovation doesn’t suffer the same fate. Continue reading

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Football Needs Innovation Too

As the NFL celebrates another year of unsurpassed digital, mobile, and social success, they are facing a growing problem, and it’s a big one. The in-home experience of today’s NFL has become so good that live attendance, even during the playoffs, is suffering in substantial ways. Let’s go inside the huddle and examine a few converged (physical + digital) innovations the NFL should employ to drive attendance and change the way we experience their sport live. Grab your Google Glass, strap on your Internet of Things … and go long! Continue reading

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