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When Art and Science Combines for Innovation - Innovation Excellence

The powerful combination of designing and providing something that pushes our existing knowledge, our boundaries, understanding or expectations — and capturing it in thought, explanation, or detailing the discovery makes up the art and science of innovation. We just need to find even better and consistent ways to combine them continuously. Continue reading

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Service Redesign - Lost T-Mobile Smartphone

Given the health risks of carrying a smartphone (or any kind of mobile device) too close to the body for extended periods, I try to always remove electronic devices from my pockets whenever I can. For ten years this has never caused a problem until Saturday. This marked the first time in more than a decade that I walked off and forgot my smartphone. Now I’ve had the joy of… Continue reading

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Innovation, traffic jams and ring roads - Innovation Excellence

Drive around almost any big city in the world and you’re likely to hit traffic jams sooner or later. It’s like innovation in large companies, where the sheer size and complexity can inhibit the smooth flow of new offerings. Continue reading

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Max DePree: North America’s First CEO Design Thinker - Innovation Excellence

The former CEO of Herman Miller, Max DePree said, “I’ve got so many MBAs, but what I need is a poet. Poets are the original systems thinkers.” This poetic mode is the critical perspective in a human-factor and design business—and Herman Miller is the most apt precursor in the Design Thinking revolution, so they knew the value of this holistic, poetic lens where anything can be better designed to better suit real people. Continue reading

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4 Steps to Generate More Creative Ideas, and Better Ones - Innovation Excellence

Follow these simple steps, and you will increase the quantity and quality of your ideas. Continue reading

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Self-Service Innovation – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

As more companies move toward self-service, it is relevant to ask how customer participation impacts satisfaction and service quality. Research is reviews that makes it clear that firms should take care to find the optimal level of customer participation for their service, and that this optimal level depends on customer readiness to serve themselves. Continue reading

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“Over the years, Open Innovation has become the new normal” states Hannes, Director Open Innovation Networks at Swarovski. Continue reading

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