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The New Era of Talent

Unfortunately, it seems that even the best firms are facing a widening skills gap and it will only get worse. McKinsey recently released data outlining a fundamental mismatch between the demand for skills and the supply of workers who have them. Continue reading

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Why SIRI And Not Watson?

Our first impression, of course, is that SIRI is much more suitable as an app. Turns out SIRI continually learns.. And at first glance, Watson seems extremely complex and complicated. We all remember Watson at the famous jeopardy TV game…we were all blown away. Imagine the possibilities that Watson can offer.. Continue reading

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Design Thinking: a pharmaceutical puzzle

We’ve just completed the design and delivery of an innovation conference for a pharmaceutical company in Ireland. Our theme at the conference was navigating constraints in a highly constrained business environment. After some initial diagnostic work, we came up with the idea of mazes, puzzles and games as a design principle. Continue reading

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Innovation or Not? - Vector Scissors

I came across these attractive and thoughtfully designed Vector Scissors in a post by Innovation Excellence contributor Matthew E May that promise to in addition to the normal day to day jobs that scissors execute, to also be able to cut perfectly straight lines. Interesting invention, sure, clever design, sure, but are they an innovation? Continue reading

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Are Innovators Better at Multi-dimensional Thinking?

While I believe that innovation is a process that can and should be managed, I also believe that innovative people simply “are,” and that some people simply cannot (innovate), even if coached. Continue reading

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New Problems, New Approaches:  The Rise of the Generalist

Our society and workforce have been built on the premise of specialization, often dismissing the value of individuals who are perceived as ‘Generalists’. With problems getting bigger and more complex than ever, specialists bring limited perspective and the lack of the capability to connect the dots. The result: problems are not getting fixed. Continue reading

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Once Chromebooks achieve performance sufficient for most college/office/work users, the traditional PC laptop will become a high-end niche product. That is unless Microsoft devises an effective response and pre-empts Chromebooks with something new of their own. Continue reading

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