Re-Envisioning the Client-Agency Relationship

The Digital Age disrupts the practices and beliefs that gird the archetypical relationship between advertising agency and client. The Procter & Gamble Companies discarded a relic of the client-agency relationship, the creative brief. They seek more authentic engagement that leads to more compelling campaigns. What possibilities do clients open when they move from exchanging information to engaging in co-creation? What role might the practice of collaborative innovation play in redefining roles between client and agency?

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Business Plans Don’t Work

Nine out of ten business start-ups, and one in six business transformations will confirm it. Learning from the failures of the past, it becomes clear that we have been missing a key step in the execution of our business plans. That key step is the discovery of what works. In this three part series, I’ll look at the way in which business plans lead to failure, the way in which business model innovation can help, and the mindset that is needed to succeed in discovering a new path towards business success.

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Dedication to Innovation

Harley-Davidson Perfume— the delicate scent of motor oil and pavement. Fish-flavored water for Fluffy? Wake up with a ready-made carton of pre-brewed Maxwell House coffee. Introducing a new line of microwavable dinners from Colgate! Hungry for breakfast instead? Try Kellogg’s cereal and no-need-to-refrigerate milk with a spoon included. Then, you can ride off into the sunset on your Smith & Wesson mountain bike. Refresh with Frito-Lay Lemonade or Life Savers Soda. A little sore from an afternoon of mountain bike riding? Swallow a couple of Ben-Gay asprin and wash up with Clairol’s “Touch of Yogurt” shampoo. Does it all sound like a world gone mad?

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