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Marketing’s Holy Grail – Emerging Customer Needs

The Holy Grail of marketing is to identify emerging customer needs before anyone else and satisfy them to create new markets. It has been a long and fruitless slog as emerging needs have proven themselves elusive. And once candidates are identified, it’s a challenge… Continue reading

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Demand for configurability and personalization is growing in the marketplace and presents a threat to traditional mass production techniques. Jordan Reynolds kicks off a series here… Continue reading

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When MFAs work with MBAs, it could be akin to what poet and artist William Blake called “sweet science,” writes entrepreneur and Southern Growth Studio leader, Michael Graber, who explains how creatives help balance out analytic types.
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This may shock many free market believers, but it is becoming evident in country after country, the global free market system is not serving the best interests of the largest number of people. In Adam Smith’s day labor was valuable, in classical economic theory, it is the labor put in that creates value, but we live in a world where more and more machines are doing the work. Continue reading

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The Kindle Smartphone is a Game Changer – But Not As You Think

Amazon recently launched its new Kindle Fire smartphone. “Ho-hum” you, and a lot of other people, said. “Why?” “What’s so great about this phone?” The market is dominated by Apple and Samsung, to the point we no longer care about Blackberry – and have pretty much forgotten about all the money spent by Microsoft to… Continue reading

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How to Navigate Key Barriers and Proactively Fund Big Innovation

How organizations navigate the barriers to big innovation can often make the difference between epic failure and celebrated market disruptor. Tim Sweeney outlines the dynamics behind 3 barriers that most frequently stand in the way of breakthrough and disruptive innovation. Continue reading

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Facebook, a Golden Retriever and Maui Jim

At Innovation Excellence, we love ‘teaching stories’. Thanks Small Army for this one! Continue reading

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