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Alex (Sandy) Petland, Data Scientist

It used to be that successful organizations thrived because they knew how to do a few things really well. They honed their skills and continuously improved at specific tasks. Techniques like Six Sigma helped them achieve amazing precision and minimize errors. The problem is that these techniques also limit your ability to take in new information. Continue reading

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I like to use my marathon experiences to connect with innovation and find insights to improve my assistance to companies that want to innovate. I call it Innovathons. Continue reading

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The Safest Bet Is Far Too Risky

It’s harder than ever to innovate, and getting harder. The focus on growth can be empowering, but when coupled with signed-in-blood accountability, empowering turns to puckering. Continue reading

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Conventional Is Too Conventional

This may seem obvious, but the problem with conventional thinking is that it does not lead to truly new ideas, creativity or innovation. Yet most of us individually and collectively — in our families, organisations and communities — think and behave conventionally. Continue reading

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Innovation Quick Tip: The Great Game Of Innovation

Organizations can easily tap into “game” dynamics that breathe life and intrigue into their innovation programs. Below are some suggestions; consider starting with the ones that align with your current culture and processes: Continue reading

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Strategy’s Magic Question

Your grand strategy seems airtight on paper. You’ve arrived at a winning aspiration. You’ve honed in on an open and attractive segment in which to play. You’ve identified the competitive advantages that will enable you to win in your chosen spaces. You’ve got the capabilities and systems to support your choices. But as the saying goes, no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy. Continue reading

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How Will You Win (Strategically Speaking)?

Even if your “Where to Play” is not particularly unique, there are always ways to win. Case in point: corner coffee shops, so common they’re found in just about every town and city on the planet. Nothing at all special or unusual about that space. Who wins in that unremarkable market? Starbucks. Continue reading

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