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Open Innovation: Practical First Steps for B2B Companies

Considering an open innovation initiative? Don’t take it lightly. For B2B companies who face unique additional challenges, identifying and achieving value can be especially difficult. If your company sees the value and is ready to get started, here are four critical steps that will help ensure success. Continue reading

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Modern Mass Customization – Rule 5: Brace for Change

A successful shift to mass customization requires a holistic strategy with a far-reaching impact across the enterprise, a sound vision for organizational adjustments to the company, and skillful change leadership. Manufacturers should expect more than technology changes when transitioning to a mass-customization model. The organizational impacts of this transition are far reaching, and typically require role changes in… Continue reading

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Why people resist change, learning and innovation and what to do about it!

A recent conversation with a Russian trained TRIZ ideation consultant significantly disrupted my entire thinking on approaches and methodologies for problem solving. It involved her perception as to why people resist innovation, which she described as “psychological inertia” – “implies an indisposition to change – a certain “stuckness” due to human programming. It represents the inevitability of behaving in a certain way – the way that has been indelibly inscribed somewhere in the brain. Continue reading

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Modern Mass Customization – Rule 4:  Look Your Customer in the Eyes

Success in a customer-centric business environment requires a seamless feedback loop between supplier and consumer. To maximize value realized from a mass customization strategy, you should view your customer as a collaborative partner in the product design process. Continue reading

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Open Innovation, Teams and Tea Parties

I have two wonderful daughters. The oldest one is 7 years old, and in many ways, she is the most prolific, efficient and successful users of open innovation that I know, and I think that there is a lot that can be learned from how she does this. Continue reading

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What Change Roles Are Missing?

I’m gearing up to write a new book and app on organizational change to complement a powerful new collaborative, visual change planning toolkit that will be incredibly useful for use in change programs, project and portfolio management, and even innovation, and so I’m canvasing the organizational change literature space (including change leadership, change management, and business transformation) and looking to identify: Continue reading

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Modern Mass Customization – Rule 3: Honor the Order, Abandon the BOM

Most mainstream Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems in the marketplace today are designed with a mass production model in mind. These systems offer sophisticated functionality that allows engineers to formulate Bills of Material (BOMs) and define product structure during design stages. Designs are released and pushed to production systems for manufacturing, but the PLM system remains the single source of truth for end-product design information. Continue reading

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