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The Current State of Open Innovation

I spent a thoroughly enjoyable two days recently at the Open Innovation Forum in Baltimore. It had a packed agenda, including lots of opportunity to network and uncover the “state of the nation” of Open Innovation. My conclusion is that.. Continue reading

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The Smart Leadership Lessons from Facebook

Facebook acquired WhatsApp, a company with at most $300M revenues, and 55 employees, for $19billion. That’s billion – with a “b.” An astonishing figure that is second only to HP’s acquisition of market leader Compaq, which had substantial revenues and profits, as tech acquisitions. Continue reading

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Role of Personal Branding in Innovation

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about personal branding, in part because several people have told me that I seem to do it pretty well, in spite of the fact that I would never call myself a personal branding expert or endeavor to make my living as a personal branding consultant. While I think the topic is an interesting one, it is more because I am curious about… Continue reading

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The Creativity Method of The Beatles

Fifty years ago on Feb. 9, 1964, the Beatles made their first appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” A record 73 million people watched that night. And the rest, of course, is history… Continue reading

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Invention vs Innovation - 5 Worst Dragon's Den Ideas Ever

In this article we’ll look at invention versus innovation, the worst five inventions ever shown on Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank, and how you can ensure your innovation doesn’t suffer the same fate. Continue reading

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Innovation can, and often does result from the removal of what is considered to be a key component. In this case, a major innovation in the sport of baseball came from a player that was missing a common component in the system, hearing. Two great of examples of Design by Removal are Ally bank and Apple iPhone. Continue reading

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Be Really Glad Bezos Bought The Washington Post

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon worth $25.2B just paid $250 million to become sole owner of The Washington Post. Some think the recent rash of billionaires buying newspapers is simply rich folks buying themselves trophies. Probably true in some instances – and that benefits no one. Continue reading

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