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One of the steps towards assessing value creation is observation and measurement. Continue reading

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There is a wide range of definitions for the terms “Creativity” and “Innovation”. The one I use the most has two elements to it. From a domain perspective, Innovation is an organizational function, while Creativity is an individual function. From a process perspective, Innovation is a Creative idea that got implemented. The implementation of a creative idea generated by an employee is… Continue reading

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Why assemble a team of experts in different fields if you don’t have them working together? Reconsider whether your organization has fallen victim to silo thinking–and get people to tear down the walls that box them in. Continue reading

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No matter how much we focus on “innovate” solutions, the business model is intricately bound up in innovation and change. We see this part of the new interplay…
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The whole idea is to change the culture to one of fast entrepreneurial action rather than slow committee paralysis. People are encouraged to discuss problems but also to take actions whenever they think it is sensible to do so. Continue reading

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There is always a certain impact that innovation brings, it should change habits, alter perceptions, improve our lives or alter the way we work and think. Each change brought about by innovation does have different impact effects upon three important market constituents: customers, the markets and the industries themselves but also and often totally under-appreciated, internally on the innovator driving the change. Continue reading

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Cross-border shopping in China is booming. These e-commerce websites that allow Chinese consumers to order foreign brand products are becoming more popular and more and more numerous. The Chinese “shoppers” are buying American products (at 84%), products from Hong Kong (at 58%), Japan (at 52%), England (at 43%) and from Australia (at39%) source More information about cross-border shopping What are the advantages for the Chinese consumers? Continue reading

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