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Bill Gates is renowned for being an open-minded leader receptive to radical ideas. But in turning down the e-reader he was displaying a trait common among leaders. He rejected something with an uncertain future and which did not fit in. Continue reading

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La Primera Milla de la Innovación

Cuando se trata de innovación, las empresas están gastando una gran cantidad de tiempo y recursos trabajando en el problema equivocado, preocupados en ¿Cómo poder llegar a una gran idea? Scott D Anthony, experto consultor de innovación nos cuenta en su libro The First Mile que no hay una idea perfecta, la única manera… Continue reading

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The second in a 10-part series on how to transform innovation success rates, from the pages of How to Kill a Unicorn (link), by Fahrenheit 212 founder Mark Payne (recently published by Crown Business). Continue reading

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John von Neumann was a mathematical genius and inventor who lived from 1903 to 1957. He called the Singularity the moment beyond which “technological progress will become incomprehensively rapid and complicated.” More on Singularity from Seth Kahan. Continue reading

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First Mile of Innovation

It caught my attention when I read the title of new book by innovation expert, Scott D Anthony, and I thought quickly in the first mile of a marathon. Is this the 1st mile of 26.2. What is this? Continue reading

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Crowdsourced Innovation

Crowdsourcing? The reality today reflects what the writers of the visionary and iconoclastic Cluetrain Manifesto envisioned fifteen years ago: the marketplace has become a worldwide conversation. Continue reading

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How the Year

Even before it goes on sale, Walter Isaacson’s The Innovators is a bestseller out of the gate. Here’s why the biggest business book of the year is indeed a compelling read – and how it falls short of truly innovating the topic of innovation. Continue reading

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