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Designing Beautiful Business

Being a beautiful business is the future of business. The first step is to know what and where to know how to design a business to be beautiful. Use qualities of beauty and design principles as guidelines. Continue reading

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In 2014, Every Business Will Be Disrupted By Open Technology

2014 will be the year of the ecosystem. This is no longer the stuff of gadget-crazed millennials and slick conference presentations of “thought leaders,” but is beginning to permeate every aspect of society and commerce. Continue reading

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Strong Leaders in the Context of Innovation

I have often said that Apple is a bad example for learning on innovation because it is a very unique company (at least it was during the leadership of Steve Jobs). Since it was/is such a unique company, we should be careful on their innovation moves as they would be difficult to apply to a ”normal” company.. Continue reading

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Unexpected Holiday Competition for Xbox and PS4

The holiday sales season is fast approaching and the competition for the premium gift of the season just got a bit more complicated. Most people assume that the premium holiday gift battle this year will be between Xbox and PS4. But, some new competition has just entered the picture that may steal some of Xbox and PS4′s holiday sales, and it is not a console… Continue reading

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How Businesses Innovate Through Accessibility

We live in extraordinary economic times. Information is so readily available while cash simply is not. As so many Americans are only scraping by, your business may very well benefit its buyers through revamping the way you look at price and accessibility. Continue reading

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What Can We Expect from the Next Decade of Technology?

Technology tends to run in cycles. Microsoft ruled the 90’s by building essential software for enterprises. Then Apple created a new device driven marketplace in which the consumer was king. What will drive the next decade? Continue reading

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iBeacons at Apple WWDC

In my previous article on some of the potential implications of the iPhone 5S launch, I talked about how one of the things that wasn’t included in the iPhone 5S that I thought would be, was NFC technology (Near Field Communications). Or at least I thought that Apple left it out… Continue reading

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